Fix-it Felix Jr. Version 1.1 Commodore 64

Fix-It Felix Jr. was one of the most popular 2D platform games ever made. Launching in 1982, it became a pop culture sensation thanks to its colourful 8-bit graphics, simple controls, and addictive gameplay. 38 years later, it's time to re-live those arcade days on your beloved Commodore 64.

New updated version includes:

-Added Support for Easyflash
-Added Hi-score save feature
-Added Different digi upon clearing a building
-Added Game Over digi
-Added Characters animations in menu screen
-Minor In-game gfx improvement
-Fixed Minor visual glitches in transitions on certain cut-scenes
-Fixed Sprite flickering in cut-scene on certain systems


Is the Commodore 64 just for playing games?

 Let's be honest, most of us just use our Commodore 64 for playing games right? Maybe you a 1337 coder and create your own games? How about using your C64 to drive a train? Well.. not a real train, maybe something a bit smaller. Fuzzweed over on Twitter has done just that! With a bit of tinkering, code and some wires, he has a train set linked up to a Commodore 64C which he uses to control Fuzzweed Station, amazing stuff, and I'm sure there's a lot more to it than just plug and play. Check out Fuzzweed's Twitter and tap into the comments. I'm sure he will be more than happy to explain it in more detail.

If you're into trains and the Commodore 64 there's also a few tapes you could hunt down and try out. C64 Train tapes photo src: Mark Hellewell. Here's some links to the games in Mark's photo. Cornish Riviera, Lickey Route and R.T.V Penzance.

Herisferix - A New Shoot 'em up for your Commodore 64!

Herisferix is a game which was originally written using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. It was imported into the SEUCK Redux framework and features some pretty cool enhancements, such as enemy firing intelligence, some power ups and no SEUCK slowdown syndrome. The game also features a new score panel and front end. More Info here

Download: Herisferix.d64

Ooze: The Escape, Commodore 64

Help Ooze navigate through various corridors and laboratories, using its gravity-reversing powers to overcome obstacles and avoid the robotic guards in an attempt to escape from this dangerous subterranean complex. Collect keys and insert them in the computer terminal to disable the force-field and gain access to further areas. Can you escape? More game info here


Dr. Maria, a pill flipping puzzling production for the Commodore 64!

Experimental viruses have mutated and are trying to escape from the research lab. Help Doctor Maria use her pills to destroy all the viruses before they spread! More info here