Combian 64 V3.7 released

Combian 64 is Raspberry Pi distribution able to boot your preferred Commodore machine in just few seconds. It uses the brand new version of Vice 3.7.1 to emulate all the Commodore Machines set. By default, Combian 64 boots the Commodore 64 emulator.

What’s new in Combian64 V3.7?
It uses Vice 3.7.1 compiled against SDL2 (sources under the ‘opt/src’ folder of the distro)
Enable / Disable TCP over IP allowing you networking with your preferite machine
Added to the menu the possibility to choice “Commodore 128 – 80 Columns to run at boot.
Samba now shares Combian64 folder with your PC/MAC
Sid Wizard 1.8 / 1.9 can be found under the music folder

Download: Combian64 -

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