LittleSixteen V4, A C16 Clone Board by SukkoPera

It looks like my dreams have finally come true. A brand new C16/Plus/4 compatible clone board is becoming a reality thanks to SukkoPera over at Plus/4 World Forums. According to SukkoPera, he's just ordered the prototypes for version 4 of the board.

* 100% Plus/4 compatible User Port
* 512 kB Hannes-style RAM expansion
* Onboard SID (either 6581 or 8580+Digifix) + 3rd joystick port (SID audio is mixed with the TED/Ext audio with configurable volume but direct dedicated output is also available)
* Joystick swapper
* Ability to replace keyboard MOS 6529 with 74x273 (so that 6529 can be recycled for User Port, but that one as well can be replaced with a 74x654)
* Removed FB13 in order to reduce luma/chroma crosstalk and improve video quality (Thanks @TLC!)
* Direct TED output connector (experimental)
* Pin header with all tape signals (think Internal Tapuino)
* Pin header with all IEC signals (think Internal SD2IEC)


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