PSSST by Boony Smith, Commodore 64

A 40 year Commodore 64 tribute version of PSSST! Released at ZZAP! LIVE 2023 by Boony and his mate Pav.

Freely available tribute version, this is the "original" disk image .d64.

Mirror: PSSST GAME .d64
Source: Boony Smith JudgeDrokk 


  1. Superb authentic and passionate release - Well done Boony and well done Pav for a great physical production and support!

  2. There is now a fantastic .tap version which uses the ZXSpectrum loading screen which was done by KENZ of Psytronik and very kindly put together by Richard of TND. For all you die hard PSSST and C2N tape fans.
    Download here:

    The disk version has a built in trainer. Type TCS in the top left hand corner after loading and then type RUN. Really like the olden days and a nod to the Teeside Cracking Service and the unparalleled Omega Man. Please don't download the "crack" which have appeared on other websites, as this is an non-copy protected game, given it away for free as a 40 year tribute to the ZX spectrum version. No one has the right to put a crack-tro and claim some kind of fame on a project like this.