The Last Dungeon, Amiga

The Last Dungeon is a top down adventure game, much in the style of  Zelda. The game requires at least 1Mb memory. OCS hardware sprites might be buggy so use ECS if you can. Please note, this is not a finished game and originally was an entry to the AmiGameJam 2022. Check out the latest updates below.

 Version 0.7.1C bug fixes:
- Fixed multiple issues with the status panel not displaying the correct number of gold/keys/bombs.
- Enemies can now display the item they are carrying which will hopefully make it less likely to miss the key in the first room on the right!
- Fixed a bug where image draw offsets were getting reset to 0 when loading graphics from DAT files.
- Fixed a bug where the auto map would sometimes not draw correctly for the first room.
- Fixed a bug where pushable objects would sometimes draw the tile to the left when restoring background tiles.
- Fixed a bug where the spinning sword on the title screen would draw in the wrong colours after returning from the character select screen.

Download: dungeon071.adf

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