Vintage is the New Old Backup Content Saved, and a few words about the website.

A lot of you may remember, I am the original founder of CommodoreBlog/Commodore is Awesome website, which is what eventually evolved into Vintage is the New Old. For many years Paulo, myself, along with our good friend Alec and many other people as casual writers, put in a lot of time and effort and together we created something very special.

Yes, this is the end of Vintage is the New Old. The website has been immortalised as read only online. I thought this was a good idea at the time, however after seeing what it has turned into, I am a little disappointed to see adverts all over the website and the domain up for sale for a ridiculous price. Unfortunately this is totally out of my hands now, and there is nothing I can do to change this.

Fortunately Paulo backed up the essentials of the website, which I have recently downloaded, and I have a full ftp backup stored on one of my hard drives. So in theory, it would be very possible to bring it back to it's former glory in ten years time. I'm just kidding, that's never going to happen, however there is a lot of content I would like to save, particularly Alec's Retro Revisited write ups, that really deserve a place on the new CommodoreBlog website. Which is exactly what I intend to do. So over time you will see these write ups slowly added to the reviews page of CommodoreBlog.

There's a lot of work involved to make the new CommodoreBlog as good as it was, it will take some time, but I have my mojo back and some things just need to be saved.

So all you Vitno fans, I'm still here, Vitno is still here, but in a different form of sorts. Most of all, my passion to carry on is still here, so expect good things in the future. If any of you would like to write reviews for CommodoreBlog or just post quick Commodore News, send your emails to /Sarah.

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