Hopman, Commodore 64

Hopman is an Arcade game, which Inufuto coded for a lot of 8-bit computers. This is the Commodore 64 version. You are the white player starting in the bottom left of the first stage and your aim is to reach the exit on the right of each stage. For each flag you'll get 100 points. Walk right to reach the exit. You will also get a time bonus for the remaining past levels time.

Hopman can walk and jump. Sometimes it is useful to take one of the elevators, but be careful, you can fall down there quickly! Think ahead to go quick enough into the exits direction, as time is ticking.

The purple monsters from the game Lift are back too, they still want to catch and kill you. Download the game here: Hopman+4HD[EX].d64
Source: CSDb

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