SNK vs CAPCOM for the Commodore 64/128 Released!

Jon Eggelton and Gianluca Alberico have finally released SNK vs CAPCOM for the C64/128, and for free! There have been many fighting games released for the Commodore 64, International Karate+ being the main go-to fighter. Now there is a new kid on the block! SNK vs CAPCOM looks absolutely stunning with it’s cartoony graphics and flowing gameplay. All this is possible using the excellent fighting engine known as Retro Fighter, which has been in development now for almost a year.

New features have been implemented and corrections have been made to many aspects of the gameplay. Flying parries, new/modified special and super moves, special and super combo chaining, special pre-fight animations and secret ending in hard difficulty level.
Download: svc.crt
Download: SNK vs CAPCOM manual.pdf
Lemon64: SNK vs CAPCOM

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