Vintage is the New Old Website Returns!

Back in early July Paulo Garcia reluctantly shut down the Vintage is the New Old website, you can read his final post here.

Fast forward a few weeks on, @CallApple, @CommodoreBlog and a few other new Admins, with the help from Paulo's backup, have revived Vintage is the New Old. The website is back online with a new smooth server, new theme, and a complete rework from the original backup. All the same great content, plus brand new content on the way. There's a few things left to bring back, (homebrew games and magazines), which we are currently working on. We're also looking through an older Commodore is Awesome backup I have. Over time you may see a lot of the old download content we used to offer on CiA, returning to Vitno. New Admins, new staff, new writers, An exciting new beginning. As usual the website is open to anyone who wants to join as a writer, just get in contact with myself or use the contact option on the Vitno website. Anyone that already has an account, dm me for a new password.

The new url is please share, and if you already have us on your links page, please can you replace the old url with the new. Many thanks, and Welcome to Vintage is the New Old 2.0!

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