1994 Bomberman Clone Penguin Tower finally Released!

Penguin Tower is a 1994 Bomberman clone coded by Jani Hirvo and Scapegoat, graphics also by Jani Hirvo. Music and SFX by Feekzoid, Chris Lightfoot and AudioMaster J. Another game that was thought to be lost forever after the demise of the Commodore 64. But today we have some good News!

Frank Gasking just announced on Twitter that Penguin Tower has finally been released, and for free! Head over to the Games that weren’t website to read the whole story, it’s all very interesting.

Download: Game_Penguintower.zip
CSDb: Penguin Tower
C64 Crack: Penguin Tower+
Source: Frank Gasking
Commodore Format: issue-review-cf-44-may-1994

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