A China Miner Christmas! New Remake by Arlasoft for the Commodore 64

Miner Wally returns in this Christmas-themed revamp of the infamously difficult C64 single-screen platformer from 1984. But a bit of snow and a Santa costume isn't the only thing that's changed, Wally has now developed his athletic abilities beyond recognition to give you the player a fighting chance of actually completing a level and hopefully having a lot more fun along the way..

The entire game has been re-written from the ground up complete with 'modern' controls and physics together with fairer collision detection to allow your character to nimbly traverse around the screen in a more contemporary fashion, whilst retaining the THIRTY fiendish level designs from the original that 99.99% of players never managed to reach, due to the bizarre control scheme and need for split-second timing.

Download: cminerx_100.d64

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