Blastopia DX Special Edition, Richard of TND, Commodore 64

It is the year 2092. Sightings of an alien ship was discovered. Scientists set their communication satellites to welcome the alien kind and offered to trade with the aliens. Unfortunately, humans and aliens didn't understand each other, so the aliens hovered down and captured camels from zoos and farms around the world. Then they fled into different planets. Luckily, scientists were watching. Unfortunately, you have been chosen by the Inter Space Rescue (ISR) authority to set off into deep space and enter each of the 8 alien planets on a rescue and destroy mission.

 - Updated front end presentation with scroll text
- Hi score table and saver (if playing disk version)
- A set of in game difficulty options (Standard / Arcade / Death Run)
- Eight different horizontal scrolling game worlds
- Eight levels of alien blasting action
- Background animation including star field and deadly lazers
- Upbeat music and sound effects
- Plenty of addictive alien blasting
- PAL and NTSC compatible
- Compatible with 1541Ultimate, Ultimate 64, theC64 mini/full size computers

Download: Blastopia DX-Special
More info:

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