Doomed PETSCII Pacman, Commodore Plus/4

Yes you've got it at first sight, it's him, it's your friendly neighbourhood yellow wakawaka pills eater. But now, in a Doom-like PETSCII fashion! Weeeird...
Kornél Kolma also known as Ko-Ko, continues to fulfil his personal PETSCII games' series, entering now straight on a universally sealed classic, and mixing stirring cooking it up with something very strange! And what has come out of the pan, in the very end? Doomed PETSCII Pacman, clearly! A brand new way to play against the phantasmatic Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde... And...Zinky? AND DRINKY? Who aaare they!?

Download: doomed_petscii_pacman.prg

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