Roguebot, Commodore 64

In the early sixties, NASA scientists detected a strange celestial body, that was slowly heading towards Earth, and they calculated a certain impact 60 years into their future. Based on intercepted radio transmissions from this asteroid-like body, they determined, that it was purposely guided. To avoid global panic, they decided to keep this find a secret, and sent an armed robot to intercept the body and exterminate the evil entities on board, smirkingly called the seven wizards.

Now over 60 years later, the probe with the robot has landed on the asteroid, but there is not a single scientist alive from the original crew. Scattered documents found in a mouldy box in a NASA basement is all that is left. Apparently, the robot has to be controlled using punch cards, and due to the asteroid’s rotation, there is only a small period of time for sending the list of punch cards to execute during the next rotation.

Roguebot is a deck builder rogue-like dungeon crawler game for the C64.
-More than 50 different cards
-Sixteen different enemy classes
-Random generated dungeons
-Autosave at each level start
Download the game here: roguebot.d64

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