Soul Crystal +TFDS, Full English Translation by Onslaught Released!

C64 group Onslaught have released an English translation of the 1992 Commodore 64 game Soul Crystal. As well as the English translation, they’ve also released an EasyFlash version and also the German version. Check out the links below to grab the download.

Your name is Dave, and these are your first holidays you’re spending alone, without your parents. You’re resting in a hotel near a mysterious loch in Scotland. You go swimming in the lake and dive through a waterfall – on the other side of it, you’re finding yourself in a strange fantasy-like world.

The game is a mixture of a graphical and text-adventure. All actions can be performed by typing or by clicking on the icons. The story takes some wild and unexpected turns and encourages you to keep playing. A relatively hassle-free user interface makes it easy to get started. The graphics are quite good for the 64 and the background music is also quite audible. And the text, which comes in large quantities and is not always completely logical, is easier to read than the Amiga version. Friends of (now rare) text adventures will still enjoy Soul Crystal.


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