Yewdow, Commodore Plus/4

In Yewdow you control a robot that marks out a route with arrows for a car that has no driver! Despite this formality, the car still seems to drive just fine. Your main focus is to collect all the flags on the screen laying out the arrows in their pathway until the last flag is collected. The game really is that simple. Early levels are very easy with only a weird ghost cat occasionally running into you, easy to avoid, more an annoyance than any real problem. As you would expect later levels become a little more challenging. My first experience of this game was on the ZX Spectrum, a nice version with some pleasant cutesy music playing in the background. From what I can tell the games original roots are Japanese with many different versions released for various Vintage computers. You can download load them all here. Today I want to share the Commodore Plus/4 version, which was released this year by Inufuto.

Download: yewdow.prg

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