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Empire Strikes Back Plus/4 Port by Sasvári Tamás Released!

Sasvári Tamás and team released the Empire Strikes back Plus/4 port today. Here’s a few words from the Plus/4 World Facebook group.

Undergoing graphic compromises, managing software sprites, reducing the color clash at its minimum, fighting against wicked bugs, in the very end Sasvári Tamás, our monumental TCFS Maestro, has ported Megastyle’s The Empire Strikes Back on Plus/4!

After a long run from far, by converting the old classic games, he has reached the contemporary game scene, converting a game released one year ago, and closing his circle of successes! And not to mention the fantastic contribution from Csabo of Legion Of Doom, spending here all his great skills into what we can easily define his own masterpiece!

Download the game here: the_empire_strikes_back.prg

Megastyles Empire Strikes Back Plus/4 Port Teased by Sasvári Tamás

Yep you heard right, Sasvári Tamás teased a recent video showing Megastyles hit Empire Strikes Back ported to the Plus/4! This is simply amazing, considering the graphics and sound limitations of this humble computer. We’ll let you know more as soon as there’s a release date.

Watch Video: Facebook
Megastyle Website

TED Vibes 2 by Exceed & Offence

The TED Vibes musicdisk got a sequel.

For TED Vibes 2, 15 musicians from 9 countries joined to create music for the TED chip. Some of them are veteran musicians from the SID and AY scene. The result was an exciting and stylistically very diverse collection of music. Brilliant graphics by Pal/Offence, a well-known pixel artist from C64 and Amiga scene.
Pouet: TED Vibes 2

Colodrio, A New Plus/4 Game released at Function 2023

Colodrio is a new Plus/4 puzzle game where you sort tiles by colours and brightness. It was recently released at Function 2023, a game development competition. More details here:

Download: Colodrio

Retro Rewind: Alpharay, an impressive shooter for the Commodore Plus/4

Developed by the team that brought us Pets Rescue for the Plus 4, Alpharay is a visually impressive horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up that sees you power-up your Alpharay fighter with the objective to destroy the enemy robot fleet that is invading your home system. The game features six graphically gorgeous levels to battle through, a power-up weapon system and a great soundtrack driving the action gameplay all along the way. 


High Voltage TED Collection, Listen to 908 Commodore Plus/4 Favourites!

High Voltage TED Collection (HVTC) is an attempt to create a pure TED collection. (Music for the Commodore C16, 116 and the Plus/4.) Created from the cleanest code that generates the music and archives it in a structured format. Currently there are 908 tunes available in the database.


LittleSixteen V4, A C16 Clone Board by SukkoPera

It looks like my dreams have finally come true. A brand new C16/Plus/4 compatible clone board is becoming a reality thanks to SukkoPera over at Plus/4 World Forums. According to SukkoPera, he's just ordered the prototypes for version 4 of the board.

* 100% Plus/4 compatible User Port
* 512 kB Hannes-style RAM expansion
* Onboard SID (either 6581 or 8580+Digifix) + 3rd joystick port (SID audio is mixed with the TED/Ext audio with configurable volume but direct dedicated output is also available)
* Joystick swapper
* Ability to replace keyboard MOS 6529 with 74x273 (so that 6529 can be recycled for User Port, but that one as well can be replaced with a 74x654)
* Removed FB13 in order to reduce luma/chroma crosstalk and improve video quality (Thanks @TLC!)
* Direct TED output connector (experimental)
* Pin header with all tape signals (think Internal Tapuino)
* Pin header with all IEC signals (think Internal SD2IEC)


Airwolf Enhanced Commodore 16/Plus/4

Airwolf Enhanced for the Commodore 16/Plus/4

New Features
- 16 new screens - taking the total to 25
- 5 more scientists to rescue (now 8 in total)
- Improved controls
- Improved chars and animation, based on C64 release
- New scoring system
- Respawn death bug removed
- Infinite score bug removed
- Cheat modes built in
- NTSC fixed
- All still crammed into 16K!

Download: airwolf_enhanced.prg