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Fizz, Commodore Vic-20

Dive into a world of mind-bending challenges with FiZZ, the innovative platform puzzle game for the Commodore Vic20. Test your wits and coordination as you explore 47 single-player levels and 30 cooperative multi-player puzzles.

-Gravity-Defying Gameplay: In FiZZ, you have the power to switch gravity using gravity pods in all four directions. Outsmart laser obstacles with this unique mechanic.
-Portal-Shooting Action: Harness the laser-powered portals to navigate through intricate mazes. Strategically place portals, use mirrors, and solve complex puzzles in both single-player and cooperative modes.
-Varied Difficulty: Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or new to the genre, FiZZ offers a wide range of challenges, from brain-teasing puzzles to more accessible levels suitable for all players.
-Coop Mode: Team up with friends for an cooperative gaming experience. Coordinate your gravity-defying abilities and portal-shooting skills to conquer the cooperative levels. You can play the coop levels also as single player.
-Pay homage to the classic Vic-20 era while delivering a unique gaming experience.


Binary Battle, Commodore 64

You have just woken up to find out your floppy disk is full of viruses! Unfortunately, it contains the only copy source code of the game you have been working on in the past months...

Recover the source code before the disk is damaged beyond repair! Luckily, you have an excellent anti-virus program, Binary Battle, at your disposal. Use it to destroy all the viruses before it is too late!

Head over to for more info.

C64 OS v1.05 is now available!

Youtube: C64 OS
Twitter: Gregorio Naçu

Vampire Vengeance, Commodore 64

Long ago, an army of knights known as the Order of the Silver Cross attacked count Orlack’s castle.

The mission was to annihilate the lord of shadows and all his subjects. The battle was fierce, leaving a large number of victims on both sides. But finally, a few knights managed to access the main crypt and confront Orlack. The count managed to defeat a dozen warriors before being cornered by the invaders. The end had come. However, he managed to transform once again into his vampiric form, escaping between spears and arrows into the dark night of Transylvania. Years passed and the wounds of war were healing. Earl Orlack made the lonely return home and only one word kept him alive. Vengeance. Download the game here:

Commodore Free Website is back!

We have always been regular readers of the Commodore Free Zine. Commodore Free stopped publishing their magazine around 2017, just like many websites, they decided to take a break. We all assumed that was the end. However we have some good News! They are back! The website now resides at, with a new light theme and all the previous downloads are still there. We hope to see new issues in the very near future.

Blob Fox, Commodore Plus/4

Blob Fox is an action game with puzzle elements for the Commodore Plus/4 that is similar to the Arcade classic Q*bert, but without the isometric play-field. Change every pattern to a target colour by moving the character over it while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Source: Cascade 64, Plus/4 World

Empire Strikes Back Plus/4 Port by Sasvári Tamás Released!

Sasvári Tamás and team released the Empire Strikes back Plus/4 port today. Here’s a few words from the Plus/4 World Facebook group.

Undergoing graphic compromises, managing software sprites, reducing the color clash at its minimum, fighting against wicked bugs, in the very end Sasvári Tamás, our monumental TCFS Maestro, has ported Megastyle’s The Empire Strikes Back on Plus/4!

After a long run from far, by converting the old classic games, he has reached the contemporary game scene, converting a game released one year ago, and closing his circle of successes! And not to mention the fantastic contribution from Csabo of Legion Of Doom, spending here all his great skills into what we can easily define his own masterpiece!

Download the game here: the_empire_strikes_back.prg

Lancess Priya, Commodore Plus/4

Lancess Priya is a first person space shoot’em up, inspired by the Atari’s “Star Wars” coin-op (1983). Planet Eartha is under attack from the evil lord Luken Faija and his fleet of Battlestars. Lancess Priya is the only hope. Proceed through Space Battle, Battlestar Surface, and Battlestar Trench scenes, avoid enemy fire or deflect them by shooting, earn wave bonuses by destroying the required number of targets, such as enemy ships, tower tops and bunkers, destroy the Battlestar you need to hit the reactor core(s) at the end of the trench.

Lancess Priya, originally a Commodore 64 game, which was winner of the WiLD Demo Competition at Vammala Party 2023.

Download: lancess_priya.prg

Kung Fu Flash v1.48 Firmware released

Kung Fu Flash is a cartridge for the Commodore 64 by Kim Jorgensen. It can emulate different cartridge types, load PRG files and use D64 disk images. Just place your desired CRT, PRG or D64 files on a FAT formatted microSD card and use the built-in launcher to execute them. New in Update 1.48: Improve disk emulation to support saving high scores in Lode Runner.

Download: v1.48
More Info: Kung Fu Flash

Megastyles Empire Strikes Back Plus/4 Port Teased by Sasvári Tamás

Yep you heard right, Sasvári Tamás teased a recent video showing Megastyles hit Empire Strikes Back ported to the Plus/4! This is simply amazing, considering the graphics and sound limitations of this humble computer. We’ll let you know more as soon as there’s a release date.

Watch Video: Facebook
Megastyle Website

Colodrio, A New Plus/4 Game released at Function 2023

Colodrio is a new Plus/4 puzzle game where you sort tiles by colours and brightness. It was recently released at Function 2023, a game development competition. More details here:

Download: Colodrio

Retro Rewind: Alpharay, an impressive shooter for the Commodore Plus/4

Developed by the team that brought us Pets Rescue for the Plus 4, Alpharay is a visually impressive horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up that sees you power-up your Alpharay fighter with the objective to destroy the enemy robot fleet that is invading your home system. The game features six graphically gorgeous levels to battle through, a power-up weapon system and a great soundtrack driving the action gameplay all along the way. 


High Voltage TED Collection, Listen to 908 Commodore Plus/4 Favourites!

High Voltage TED Collection (HVTC) is an attempt to create a pure TED collection. (Music for the Commodore C16, 116 and the Plus/4.) Created from the cleanest code that generates the music and archives it in a structured format. Currently there are 908 tunes available in the database.


A C128D Comes Home - June from Nybbles and Bytes with Bil Herd

New video from Bil Herd. "June from Nybbles and Bytes joins me as I unbox the C128D given to me by Commodore that has been out in the wild for 40 years. Thanks to Santo who found and sent my old C128D back to me and young Joshua who kept it safe all these years."

YouTube: Bil Herd

Zapped to the Past Episode 119 March 1989

A new episode of Zapped to the Past Podcast is now available. Games covered in this episode: Rocket Ranger, Spaceball, Soldier of Light, Super Stunt Man, Star Ray, Super Sports, Menace, Operation Hormuz, Wec Le Mans, R-Type and Robocop.

Listen: Episode 119

VIC Light Cycles by Fuzzybad

The classic Light Cycles game for the VIC-20 home computer with 8K (or more) RAM expansion.

At title screen, press the controls left/right to choose single-player or two-player mode.  Press 1, 2, or 3 to set single-player difficulty level.

Player 1 controls: Joystick or keys WASD + Space
Player 2 controls: keys IJKL + Right Shift.


SukkoPera 16UP

16UP is an Open Hardware Expansion board that will add a User Port to the Commodore 16, 116 and Plus/4 home computers.


SukkoPera Plus4Serial

Plus4Serial is an Open Hardware Serial Port Adapter that plugs into the Commodore Plus/4 User Port, turning it into a fully-functional RS-232 interface.


Bulbmaster Sokoban-Style Game for the Commodore Amiga

Bulbmaster is a sokoban-style game with a twist. The player assumes the role of a mechanic whose task is to move electric spheres to their sockets. The challenge lies in the fact that wooden crates can only be moved one space at a time, whereas the electric spheres will roll until they encounter an obstacle!

Download: Bulbmaster-demo.adf

Combian 64 V3.7 released

Combian 64 is Raspberry Pi distribution able to boot your preferred Commodore machine in just few seconds. It uses the brand new version of Vice 3.7.1 to emulate all the Commodore Machines set. By default, Combian 64 boots the Commodore 64 emulator.

What’s new in Combian64 V3.7?
It uses Vice 3.7.1 compiled against SDL2 (sources under the ‘opt/src’ folder of the distro)
Enable / Disable TCP over IP allowing you networking with your preferite machine
Added to the menu the possibility to choice “Commodore 128 – 80 Columns to run at boot.
Samba now shares Combian64 folder with your PC/MAC
Sid Wizard 1.8 / 1.9 can be found under the music folder

Download: Combian64 -


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