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Tower And Dragon V2.0 Commodore PET

Tower And Dragon Version 2.0 Released! Only requires 8K memory and is playable by tape or disk.

New in V2.0
The game starts with an outdoor adventure!
There are now animated tiles.
All levels are fortified with room decorations.
Game programmed around ROM 1 bugs with the Commodore PET disk drive (IEEE-488), allowing it to work with a disk drive! To get it operating, see project rom1diskmagic.
20% improvement in performance.
As with 1.1, this all runs in only 8K of memory. To make something this complex has been an ongoing battle.
Unfortunately, character save files from version 1.x are not compatible.
Fixed screen corruption on save (only effected tape cassette version in some cases).
As of Version 1.1, supports SNES Game Controller.



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