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Classic Arcade game Turbo Outrun makes its debut on the Commodore Plus/4!

Turbo Outrun has been released on the Commodore Plus/4. Here's a few words from Csabo from Plus/4 World.

The wait is over! TCFS pulls of the impossible once again, the highly anticipated conversion the classic arcade game Turbo Outrun makes its debut on the Commodore Plus/4!

Turbo Outrun, originally developed and published by Sega in 1989, has captivated players with its fast-paced gameplay and thrilling races. For the first time, Commodore Plus/4 owners will have the opportunity rev their engines and leave the other cars on the road in the dust. Watch out for those pesky cops though! Can you drive fast enough to make sure your girlfriend Norma doesn't leave you?

It's no hyperbole that Turbo Outrun is the best racing simulator on our system: great gameplay, awesome graphics with a great sound track. All this can be yours for the price of... absolutely free! What are you waiting for, go download it now! Also check out the companion demo: Turbo Outrun Music Box.

Source: Csabo, Plus/4 World

Outrun on the Commodore 64

Well. Come. Back.

Nothing makes this man go moist as much as hearing some decent retro-gaming music played out of a tri-channelled sound chip called SID. Wotcha!

"Splash Wave" and "Magical Sound Shower" are arguably (is anything not "arguably" nowadays?) two of the most well-known video game slices of aural delight out there and indeed, so is "Passing Breeze" which was scurrilously omitted from the C64 conversion. Sam is forever aggrieved.

We all likely recall seeing for the first time that huge arcade cabinet grounded on the barking mad arcade carpet and thinking - they've got an actual Ferrari in here!?!?!? I also remember never playing it, because it was 50p a go and not 10p a go (like Roadblasters or Bubble Bobble was), but I sure spent a good few minutes stood there standing, watching some other kid failing miserably at this glorious-looking SEGA racer.