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The Secret of Monkey Island, Commodore 64

In The Secret of Monkey Island, you play the role of Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who has just hit the shores of Mélée Island (somewhere in the Caribbean). Our naive hero’s travels have led him to Mélée Island in a quest to fulfill his life’s become a fierce, swashbuckling, bloodthirsty Pirate. Unbeknown to Guybrush, however, there have been some strange happenings in the area surrounding Mélée Island and the more mysterious Monkey Island. As he walks into this maelstrom of mystery, Guybrush will soon be very aware that things are not what they appear to be, that even bloodthirsty pirates can be scared, and that there’s more to being a pirate than swinging a sword and drinking grog!

Although you may have played other Lucasfilm games, there are a few differences in the C64 Version of The Secret of Monkey Island that you should be aware of. The interface of this game is not a SCUMM interface. So there are no animations in the game and the verb and objects are used slightly different than you might know from SCUMM games. Nevertheless, you do not need to “double-click” on objects to use or activate them. A single click of the controller button should be used consistently throughout the game.

Download: The Secret of Monkey
Source: CSDb


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