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Amiga Game Roguecraft from Badger Punch Games Close to Release

Ricki Sickenger from Badger Punch Games recently announced on Twitter that their latest Amiga game is very close to being released. If you’re not familiar with Badger Punch Games, they are responsible for the excellent Rogue64 on the Commodore 64, and the new enhanced Amiga version is looking absolutely gorgeous!

Roguecraft is a modern turn-based rogue-like focused on simplicity and fun. It is a dungeon crawler where each play-through is a unique experience. As you progress in the game you will combat meaner monsters and tougher challenges. You only have one life, so you have to be careful, but if you reach the end there are wonderful rewards to be gathered! Roguecraft is currently under development for the Commodore Amiga, with other platforms to follow.

Download: Rogue64
Download Amiga Demo:

Roguish, A rather nice VIC-20 roguelike game

After years of research, you've found the entrance to Goblin Mountain, and now more gold and jewels lie before you than you can possibly imagine. Oh yes, the mountain is full of goblins too, and they won't let you take their treasures without a fight, but that's never stopped a true adventurer before, has it? How far and how much gold can you get?

Download: roguish.d64
Source Code: github


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