Roguecraft Amiga Demo Released!

Ricki Sickenger just announced a demo version of his game Roguecraft, a modern roguelike for the Amiga, as an entry to AmiGameJam! Follow the link below to download and for more info.


It's finally here! The Long Awaited J-CIA 6526/8521 Replacement

The long awaited FPGA based CIA replacement for C64/128 and 1570/1571 is finally available! Well.. it was.. The first batch sold out super fast but the suppliers Retro8bitShop are expecting another batch to arrive early next week. Follow the link below for pre-order and more information.


The Great Giana PETSCII Sisters

An art project in shape of a little game as a tribute to the Great Giana Sisters drawn in pure PETSCII (Commodore PET ASCII). The game includes an interpretation of the famous intro and, it contains several day and night levels with ascending difficulty. Even an end sequence exists. Everything is accompanied with wonderful interpretations of Chris Hülsbeck's music by fieserWolf and remixes by SigmaSeven. The code was done by Wil and the PETSCII art was created by Logiker.

Download: The Great Giana PETSCII Sisters.d64

PET Light Cycles

The classic Light Cycle game for one or two players. Avoid crashing to win 5 rounds before the other player. Each round is faster than the previous. Hold fire button for turbo boost. There's one catch: no turns are allowed while boosting.

Download: pet cycles 1.0.prg

Lemmings for the Commodore Plus/4 Released!

Lemmings for the Commodore Plus/4 has finally been released, and it came first place at Árok 2023 GameDev competition. Download the game from the link below.

Download: Lemmings