Super GP 64, Commodore 64

Super GP 64 is a racing game for the Commodore 64. It's a simple arcade style racer, inspired by games like Pitstop and Pitstop 2. It's a port and reworking of Super Monza GP 2 for the VIC 20. The game now features the Bahrain circuit, as well as the four circuits from SMGP2 (Monza, Monaco, Spa and Interlagos). An in-game circuit map with location indicator has been added. Colliding with cars results in damage, which can be repaired by entering the pits during the race. More damage equals slower maximum speed.

Compete in a single race on any of the five circuits. Alternatively, play them all in sequence in the Championship mode, where you have to complete every race with a podium finish in order to continue. Choice of three difficulty levels, which are determined by starting position and race length.


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