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Retro Rewind: Deathflood Dungeon of Doom, Commodore 64

Hidden deep in the mountains, the abandoned stronghold rises before you. Once owned by an evil necromancer, who died during a dark ritual. You’ve heard of tales about incredible riches, but no one has told you about the vicious trap to repel intruders. Will the Deathflood swallow you up or can you escape with enough loot to change your fate?

In this game you are locked deep down in a dark dungeon full of evil creatures, traps and a constantly rising flood. Your main goal is quite simple: To escape this hostile place…alive. At second glance, your quest might not be as easy as expected. There are additional objectives, hidden secrets, some nasty pitfalls and several choices to make.

-Three worlds with unique graphics, foes, gameplay and soundtracks
-19 very individual levels, most with several paths to finish
-Choose between two heroes with different strengths
-Multiple game goals and game endings
-PAL/NTSC support
-Protopad support
Download the game here: deathflood_dod_build_2023_04_27.d64


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