NinjFeratu, A New Ninja Platformer for Amiga

Sakai, 13th century A.D. , on a dark night when Yoshi’s family had a quiet dinner, they were attacked by an evil Vampire who had come to the island on a ship from China in search of new blood. He brutally entered the house and killed Yoshi’s entire family, “” and turned him into a vampire. Yoshi was a Shinobi apprentice who saw how this vampire cut short his life and that of his relatives in a tragic way, he swore revenge to the vampire and set out to find and destroy him at any cost.

Currently the game is still in development, but you can purchase a current working version for 5.95€ EUR. NinjFeratu requires any Amiga with 1MB chip ram + 512KB. Like most new games these days an Amiga 1200 is recommended but is not mandatory. Head over to to grab a copy.

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