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Delve Deeper, a heretical roguelike dungeon crawler for the Commodore 64

The world is at peace, and evil has been vanquished... Necromancers grow medicinal herbs and dark knights have opened weapon shops. But for the ones crazy or bored enough of this idylliac lifestyle, there is one place to really feel alive again: the Chasm of Evil, the last evil stronghold in the world. It's a magical labyrinth of ever-changing rooms that spawn deep underground, which promise excitement, riches... and death to the daring. Will YOU emerge victorious from its depth?

- Exciting old-school 8-bit gameplay and hires C64 graphics!
- Randomly selected rooms: no run is like the next
- Selectable depth
- 3 difficulty levels
- More than 20 different enemies
- Multiple boss monsters
- Mini quests, shops, and helpers
- Event rooms
- New Game plus features with increased difficulty
- More than 120 sprites!

Download: DelveDeeper


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