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Phantomas III The Return of Brok, Commodore 64

Phantomas 2 is an arcade platformer, originally released for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and MSX computers way back in 1986.

Crash Issue 35, Dec 1986
For many years now the Planet Earth and it's surrounding space stations have been terrorised by Count Oracular. The appearance of this gothic character in the space age year of 2987 is strange enough for a start, but Oracular has not come alone. By chewing at the necks of earth's inhabitants, he has recruited his own army of vampires, these are in turn feeding off the people of Earth.

Armed with only a poem about Vampires to help him, our hero - Brok - sets off to tackle the vampires. His aim, to find the stake, the hammer and the cross which will dispatch the blood- lusting count and his nasty adversaries.

Brok only has one life in the game and this is represented by an energy chart at the bottom of the screen. Brok's energy decreases every time he brushes against one of the Count's minions. When this chart reaches zero the game is over.

Fans of Phantomas 2 will be pleased to find out that a third version of the game is in the making, specifically for the Commodore 64. Currently there is a demo version with ten screens to try out, and it's looking promising. Some sprites and intro music are not final, so you may see some significant changes as the games coding matures.

Head over to to download Version 0.52 of the demo.


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