Jump’n Crate, Commodore 64

Jump’n Crate is a new Commodore 64 game by Metesev. The objective of the game is to collect all the crates before the time runs out. The duration is decreased by time as well as collecting anti-crates (distorted ones) or getting hits by the robots and their bullets. However, collecting time capsules increase the time left (though not fully). If all 5 levels are completed, the time left provides extra points.

Download: jumpncrate_v1.40.d64
Source: metesev.itch.io

Turbo Outrun, Commodore 64

Well. Come. Back.

Can you hear it? Can you already hear that SID tune..?

“One,” chick-chook-ka-chuck bu-dubbah-chack!

“Two,” chick-chook-ka-chuck bu-dubbah-chack!

“Three,” chick-chook-ka-chuck bu-dubbah-chack!

“Hit it! Ou- ou- OUTRUN!” -screeeeeech!-

Maniacs of Noise / Jeroen Tel take a bloody bow.

Roguish, A rather nice VIC-20 roguelike game

After years of research, you've found the entrance to Goblin Mountain, and now more gold and jewels lie before you than you can possibly imagine. Oh yes, the mountain is full of goblins too, and they won't let you take their treasures without a fight, but that's never stopped a true adventurer before, has it? How far and how much gold can you get?

Download: roguish.d64
Source Code: github
Source: marcogiorgini.itch.io

Bagman Arcade Amiga Remake Final Version Released

Bagman is an Arcade game released by Valadon Automation in 1982.
The objective of the game is to manoeuvre the bagman through various mine shafts, picking up money bags and placing them in a wheelbarrow at the surface of the mine. The player must avoid pursuing guards, moving ore carts, and descending elevators. The player may temporarily stun the guards by striking them with a pickaxe or by dropping money bags on them when they are below the player on the same ladder. The player may move between the three screens which make up the level via shafts and on the surface.

Bagman500 is a very excellent remake by JOTD for your Amiga computer. The final version is now available to download in .adf and .lha format. Source: jotd666.itch.io

Let's go Hopping Mad! Frogger Arcade Final Version Released!

This is a 1:1 Arcade port of the game Frogger by Konami from 1981 for the Amiga 500. The game is written in 68k assembler, based on the original Z80 code. I don't think I need to explain the game, if you've never heard of Frogger, where have you been? Grab the final version below.

Download: frogger.1.0.adf

El Capitán Trueno by Amiga Factory

El Capitán Trueno (also known as Captain Thunder) is the hero of a series of Spanish comic books, created in 1956 by the writer Víctor Mora and illustrated mainly by Miguel Ambrosio Zaragoza (Ambrós). The comics were published continuously between 1956 and 1968, with Trueno eventually becoming the most popular Spanish hero comic of all time: at its height it sold more than 170,000 copies every week. The series was inspired by Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant.

It’s no surprise Amiga Factory chose El Capitán Trueno for their game project, it was, and in some respect, still is, a very successful franchise. There are various incarnations of the game, released on the MSX/2, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and DOS. A movie was also released back in 2011 titled ‘El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial’.

The Amiga homebrew game is by a group called ‘Amiga Factory’, and was created using ‘Red Pill Amiga Game Creator’ which you can download here. The objective of the game is to break the curse that has transformed Abbot Estanislao de Castiglione into a monstrous and diabolical creature. Read more about the game here.

Download is available as Amiga .lha and WHDLoad versions. Source: amiga-factory.itch.io

Laserscape, Commodore 64

The object of the game is to colour specific floor tiles to the same colour as the door. You must do this by avoiding moving lasers. Features 20 levels, cool music and a password system. Tested on real hardware, TheC64, and VICE emulation. Runs in PAL and NTSC modes, but not optimized for NTSC.

Download the game here: Laserscape
Source: vector5games.itch.io

Kick of the Spear: Return of Anubis Updated

Kick of the Spear is an arcade style fighting combat game for 1 and 2 players. It features large high resolution sprites, 6 individual characters and a tournament mode. A limited number of attack moves are on offer – low kick, standing kick, flying kick and punch. The player receives one special power move per match. For more information head over to Retro Game Nation.

Changes: 6 individual characters, story mode with Platformer.
Source: magovinna.itch.io

Spy Hunter, Commodore 64

Well. Come. Back.

The C64 version of Spy Hunter kept me coming back for more for years and years. A lot of this was due to a) the theme tune (Peter Gunn Theme), b) the short load time and c) that I would have to play it at least until I got to the desert section, or at best until I got the missile launcher and shot a helicopter. What was imperative though, was docking with the lorry and/or driving down the embankment and morphing into a boat. Genius.

It was fast, it was buggy, it was slick, it was cu-chuck, cu-chuck, cu-chuck, it was basic – it was 1985 and the games being made near and around it that were anyway near as good, were few and far between. But most of all, the feeling when you managed to dock with the articulated lorry was, well, it made you feel like a shadowy flank into a dangerous world of a man that doesn't exist…

As I type this, I can still hear the noise the Switchblade made as it deployed its tyre scythes and the inertia involved in bumping those camper vans off the road. No points for cyclists...

Most C64 owners had Spy Hunter and to be honest, if and when they played the arcade original, they were mightily disappointed. It just didn’t ‘feel’ right – the car was too big, the colours too varied and the graphics too good – it also reminded you of Rush ‘n’ Crash (which was quite an interesting arcade game in itself…). But it wasn’t our Spy Hunter. It wasn’t us trying to sneak off onto the grass verge to cheese your way up the side of the screen, hoping not to explode. It just wasn’t Spy Hunter.

If you’ve never played the Commodore 64 version of Spy Hunter, you are really missing out, as frankly – it is just simple, addictive, bloody good fun.

Bridge Out Ahead.

Zzap64 Issue 1: 87%
YouTube: LogrusUK
Download: Spy Hunter

Retro Rewind: Dagon's Awakening, Commodore 64

In this game, you take on the role of a member of the Esoteric Order of Dagon who is on his way to perform a ritual to awaken Dagon, a giant ancient with a visage enough to drive mortals insane.

The setting is inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft and the game has several endings.

Download: dagonsawakening.d64
Source: frodewin.itch.io

Light Cycles, Commodore 64

Light Cycles is a new work in progress game for the Commodore 64. I’m sure you all remember the famous motorcycle scene from the 1982 movie Tron. Just like the movie, you’re racing at super high speeds taking risky turns in the hope your opponent may slip up and crash into your LightCycle trail. Light Cycles is now out of beta and version 1.0 is available to download here: c64 light cycles 1.0.prg

Grind, Amiga 500

Pickup your time machine and travel back, dive into an alternative universe where Doom was never released for PCs in 1993, but several years earlier on the humble Amiga 500! Grind is a new fps game powered by the amazing Dread engine: a mindblowing achievement which showcases what was really possible with Amiga’s original hardware! This project is currently a work in progress.

Featuring smooth frame rate with fullscreen display on vanilla Amiga 500. Custom, high quality pixel art and assets. Fast paced gameplay, story driven level progression. A dark and foreboding Steampunk/Lovecraftian world to explore. Head over to pixelglass.org for more info.

Reshoot Proxima 3, Amiga

Prepare for a pixel-powered thrill ride like no other! Dive into the heart of classic gaming nostalgia with our top-down retro pixel art shooter for classic Commodore Amiga-platforms. Traverse 5 breathtaking stages, from the fiery Sun to the eerie depths of Hell. Brace yourself for lightning-fast, vertical-scrolling mayhem that will test your reflexes and courage.

Reshoot Proxima 3 is the ultimate challenge for those seeking a technically astounding adrenaline rush. Immerse yourself in a stunning mix of gameplay flow, pixel art and music. Face unrelenting foes, and prove your mettle in this tough-as-nails shoot ’em up. Are you ready to rewrite the cosmos and conquer the skies? Head over to amigashop.org for more info. Source: amigashop.org

Bagman500, Amiga

Bagman is an Arcade game released by Valadon Automation in 1982.
The objective of the game is to manoeuvre the bagman through various mine shafts, picking up money bags and placing them in a wheelbarrow at the surface of the mine. The player must avoid pursuing guards, moving ore carts, and descending elevators. The player may temporarily stun the guards by striking them with a pickaxe or by dropping money bags on them when they are below the player on the same ladder. The player may move between the three screens which make up the level via shafts and on the surface. Bagman500 is a very excellent remake by JOTD for your Amiga computer.

Download: bagman_HD.zip
Source: jotd666.itch.io

Working the Night/Shift - A New 'CypherPunk' Adventure for AGA Amiga

Boston, 2039.  Amid concerns over personal privacy and economic freedom, a young 'Cyberpunk' finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that will shake the very foundations of global society. 

I've just finished playing through the whole of Night/Shift (not to be confused with Lucasfilm's Night Shift!), a free Hi-Res HAM8 graphic adventure game from Eclectic Imaginations released in June of this year. It's been quite the experience, one that was relatively short (two hours) and ultimately enjoyable, but recommending this game comes with a caveat that I'll discuss shortly.

Stinger by Fabrizio Caruso, Commodore 16

Fabrizio Caruso shared some News today on our C16/Plus/4 Facebook group about a new game that has just been released titled Stinger. This is the eighth homebrew game he has written with Cross-Lib. Stinger is a simple Shoot 'em-up with power-ups, 6 different levels, 5 different enemies and several items to choose from. Screenshots are from the Commodore 16 version, but Fabrizio has ported the game over to pretty much every computer gaming platform.

Download: Stinger
Source: C16/Plus/4 Facebook group

Commodore Free Website is back!

We have always been regular readers of the Commodore Free Zine. Commodore Free stopped publishing their magazine around 2017, just like many websites, they decided to take a break. We all assumed that was the end. However we have some good News! They are back! The website now resides at www.commodorefree.com, with a new light theme and all the previous downloads are still there. We hope to see new issues in the very near future.

Drink & Drown, Commodore 64

Sleazy 1980s US Juvenalia. Drink & Drown! A classic US game, Kraksnax version of a Bozo's Night Out, US Midwest B.B.S.- distributed underground gem from 1986 and a KSX old favourite. Will you be simply a Geek or Nobody failing at the nightlife, a lowly Subhuman or rise to the meteoric fame of Nighthawk or Sex God? Now in special KSX packaging. Restored release.

Download: Drink&Drown-ksx.zip

Meteor Shower, Commodore 64

Meteor Shower is a simple little game for the Commodore 64. Repel as many meteors as possible, without breaching the hull. Once the time is up, hurry inside for a breather. And then it’s onto the next barrage!

Use Joystick in Port 2, Left/Right to move, Button to fire.

Download: Meteor Shower
Source: https://endurion.itch.io/meteor-shower

Blob Fox, Commodore Plus/4

Blob Fox is an action game with puzzle elements for the Commodore Plus/4 that is similar to the Arcade classic Q*bert, but without the isometric play-field. Change every pattern to a target colour by moving the character over it while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Download: blob_fox_v1.zip
Source: Cascade 64, Plus/4 World

Hell Beneath Commodore 64

The Tenebra guy is in trouble again! After going through all those dark dungeons and crypts he has found himself in the middle of an increasing horde of monsters who think he is their dinner. Help him fend them off, level up and gain more abilities in the process, and blast them all to hell!

Download here: hell-beneath.zip
Source: https://h4plo.itch.io

Tony, Retro Adventure Platformer C64 Demo released

A few weeks ago we shared some News about a new platformer demo for the Amiga, simply titled Tony. Fast forward to today and we have more exciting News that Monochrome Productions have released a Commodore 64 teaser demo! And so the story goes..

Embark on a pixelated journey inspired by Tony Halik, the real-life Polish explorer and filmmaker whose adventures spanned continents and decades. He was exploring ancient civilisations for NBC, Tony’s love of discovery knew no bounds. Now it’s your turn to step into Tony’s digital shoes and unravel the mysteries of Montezuma’s Castle in this nostalgic 8-bit homage.

Grab the demo here: tony-demo-1.3e.d64
Source: monochrome-productions.itch.io