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Robocop AGA Work in Progress, Commodore Amiga

Way back in early October 2021, Daniel Allsopp started work on an Amiga AGA version of the classic Amiga game Robocop. The engine runs in 64 colours, utilising 64 pixel wide sprites for the background parallax on level 1, and a 4x fetch mode. Graphics were converted from the arcade originals, and reduced down with Paint and Photoshop into various banks of 16 colours. Daniel recently shared his latest update, and it's looking amazing. As this is an ongoing work in progress project, there is no download, and it will be a long time before any kind of official release. However, you can follow Daniels progress from the thread on the English Amiga Board.

Latest Updates
-Palette Optimisations
-Optimised RoboCop Sprites
-RoboCop Animations
-Reworked HUD
-Working Game Options
-Player Input
-Investigation 304
-Blacker Than Black Fixes

Hyperborea Resurrected, Real Bullet Hell for Stock Amiga 1200

Hyperborea Resurrected is a new shoot em-up for the Amiga 1200. Currently two people are working on the game, Daniel Müßener and Torben B. Larsen (the original graphician and designer of classic Amiga 500 titles such as Hybris and Battle Squadron). Together they have been working really hard on this game. So far their work in progress video is up to version three, which you can take a look at over on their YouTube channel. There is no demo download, still early days, but you can keep up to date with further progress on the forum thread on the English Amiga Boards.


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