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Fizz, Commodore Vic-20

Dive into a world of mind-bending challenges with FiZZ, the innovative platform puzzle game for the Commodore Vic20. Test your wits and coordination as you explore 47 single-player levels and 30 cooperative multi-player puzzles.

-Gravity-Defying Gameplay: In FiZZ, you have the power to switch gravity using gravity pods in all four directions. Outsmart laser obstacles with this unique mechanic.
-Portal-Shooting Action: Harness the laser-powered portals to navigate through intricate mazes. Strategically place portals, use mirrors, and solve complex puzzles in both single-player and cooperative modes.
-Varied Difficulty: Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or new to the genre, FiZZ offers a wide range of challenges, from brain-teasing puzzles to more accessible levels suitable for all players.
-Coop Mode: Team up with friends for an cooperative gaming experience. Coordinate your gravity-defying abilities and portal-shooting skills to conquer the cooperative levels. You can play the coop levels also as single player.
-Pay homage to the classic Vic-20 era while delivering a unique gaming experience.



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