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Tetris Recoded by RetroBytes, Commodore 64

Tetris is a puzzle video game created in 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov, a Soviet software engineer. It has been published by several companies for multiple platforms, most prominently during a dispute over the appropriation of the rights in the late 1980s. After a significant period of publication by Nintendo, the rights reverted to Pajitnov in 1996, who co-founded the Tetris Company with Henk Rogers to manage licensing.

I’m not going to waste time describing how to play Tetris. I’m pretty sure this is one of the most worldwide known games, along with Mario Bros. and Sonic. However I do have some good News to share today. RetroBytes group recently released a new Tetris clone for the Commodore 64 which came first place at LuheCon³ Demo Party in the mixed game category. Download it here: TETRIS recoded.d64

Retro Rewind: NewsStand, Commodore 64

NewsStand is a very unique game for the Commodore 64 (made by AGPX and Phobos), in which our hero Joseph has to collect the money in order to buy cassette tapes with the legendary games for the C64, but many enemies will try to stop him! In Italy, in the 80s, these cassettes were sold on news stands and it was a thrill every time to return home and try them all. In memory of those magical moments, we made this video game.


Santa's Workout 3, Festive Fun on the Commodore 64!

It's Christmas Eve. Santa has to deliver the gifts, but be careful, so you don't wake up the kids or pets! Santa will fall from the chimney and your task is to find the Christmas tree somewhere in the house. Every time you walk, enter a door, or move a piece of furniture, a sound is generated. There are lying some slippers around the houses, which will make your movement silent for a while. Don't let your sneak meter get full! The game is tested on real hardware, TheC64, and VICE emulator. The game will run in PAL and NTSC modes, but it's not optimized for NTSC.

Download the game here: santa3.d64

Blastopia DX Special Edition, Richard of TND, Commodore 64

It is the year 2092. Sightings of an alien ship was discovered. Scientists set their communication satellites to welcome the alien kind and offered to trade with the aliens. Unfortunately, humans and aliens didn't understand each other, so the aliens hovered down and captured camels from zoos and farms around the world. Then they fled into different planets. Luckily, scientists were watching. Unfortunately, you have been chosen by the Inter Space Rescue (ISR) authority to set off into deep space and enter each of the 8 alien planets on a rescue and destroy mission.

 - Updated front end presentation with scroll text
- Hi score table and saver (if playing disk version)
- A set of in game difficulty options (Standard / Arcade / Death Run)
- Eight different horizontal scrolling game worlds
- Eight levels of alien blasting action
- Background animation including star field and deadly lazers
- Upbeat music and sound effects
- Plenty of addictive alien blasting
- PAL and NTSC compatible
- Compatible with 1541Ultimate, Ultimate 64, theC64 mini/full size computers

Download: Blastopia DX-Special
More info:

Devolution Global Warming, A real-time strategy game for the Commodore 64

Earth has become a hot and dry place. The struggle for food and water has led to a breakdown of civilization and caused devastating wars and destruction. From the ashes of modern society, the survivors have organized themselves into tribal structures and are fighting each other for survival in the barren wastelands.

Devolution – Global Warming is a real-time strategy game that requires quick tactical decisions and a good long-term strategy. Your goal is to unite the survivors of the apocalypse. But there are others who are trying to do the same. To win, you have to defeat all your opponents or at least stay alive longer…
Download the game here:

Dagon’s Awakening, (ES) Commodore 64

The world seems to be falling apart, ravaged by disease, war and famine. It is time to take a step and bring the order predicted in the ancient manuscripts. As a member of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, you are tasked with awakening one of the Ancients. Your submarine Derleth’ is heading towards Y’ha-nthlei, the sunken island. Your journey seems safe but as you get closer to your destination, mysterious things start to happen. Some crew members have spooky nightmares, but the biggest challenge is yet to come. One of the Deep Ones approaches your ship.

As captain of the submarine, Derleth’ , we travel with our crew to the island of Y’ha-nthlei to awaken an Ancient and save civilization from the chaos that reigns on earth. Along the way we will encounter all kinds of problems that will complicate the trip and that will make us have to make all kinds of decisions to save the mission and reach a successful conclusion. We will have to interact with the entire crew and carry out multiple actions to control the hostile supernatural forces that try to prevent us from reaching the island and failing. Download the game here: despertardagon.d64

Soul Crystal +TFDS, Full English Translation by Onslaught Released!

C64 group Onslaught have released an English translation of the 1992 Commodore 64 game Soul Crystal. As well as the English translation, they’ve also released an EasyFlash version and also the German version. Check out the links below to grab the download.

Your name is Dave, and these are your first holidays you’re spending alone, without your parents. You’re resting in a hotel near a mysterious loch in Scotland. You go swimming in the lake and dive through a waterfall – on the other side of it, you’re finding yourself in a strange fantasy-like world.

The game is a mixture of a graphical and text-adventure. All actions can be performed by typing or by clicking on the icons. The story takes some wild and unexpected turns and encourages you to keep playing. A relatively hassle-free user interface makes it easy to get started. The graphics are quite good for the 64 and the background music is also quite audible. And the text, which comes in large quantities and is not always completely logical, is easier to read than the Amiga version. Friends of (now rare) text adventures will still enjoy Soul Crystal.


Briley Witch Chronicles 2 Released!

Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is a new RPG for the Commodore 64, PAL and NTSC. The sequel to Briley Witch Chronicles.

Follow the continuing adventures of Briley, a modern day girl lost in a strange new world. Take control of Briley as she continues to explore her new life, aided by Smokey, her grumpy cat – and best friend.

Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is based on books 5 and 6 of the Briley Witch novels: The Fallen Witch, and Grey Waters. Download the game here: Follow Sarah on Twitter.

-Japanese-inspired RPG, with full-screen scrolling.
-Hours and hours of gameplay (19+ with normal play).
-Story-driven, following the plot of Briley Witch novels 5 & 6.
-Turn based combat, also with cats!
-Gather ingredients to make powerful potions.
-Lots of characters to talk to.
-Supports 2-button C64GS or compatible joysticks.
-Can be played entirely with a one-button joystick.
-Save/load to either cartridge or disk.
-Includes a full A5 manual (full colour or printer friendly).
-PAL and NTSC compatible.
-TheC64 Mini & Maxi compatible.

C64 OS v1.05 is now available!

Youtube: C64 OS
Twitter: Gregorio Naçu

Robot Jet Action 2, Amiga

Robot Jet Action 2 is a continuation of the C64 hit game and this time the game is aimed for the Amiga range of computers. Expect more colours, more robots and more action!

The release plans, dates and more details will be announced early 2024.
While waiting for this new Amiga game you can play original Robot Jet Action for the Commodore 64 here: The development of the game can be followed at: You can also follow the YouTube channel here: retronavigator.

Ewe Woz ‘Ere DX 1.3 Update, Commodore 64

Baaary: Mutton Commando is a cyborg sheep from the distant future who must preserve the future of mutton-kind by defending the fields from an invasion of Traazkists led by the evil combat lizard, Traazk.

Armed with a basic plasma spitter, Baaary is teleported into the field where he must destroy meanies and collect charges to prime the gateway and clear the level.

-12 levels across 6 different biomes.
-6 different weapons to collect.
-45 varieties of aliens across the 12 levels.
-Destructible terrain.
-Variable gravity.
-All new soundtrack.
-30 sound effects.
-High score table and best game saving.
-An extra hard nightmare mode can be unlocked by completing the game.
-Playable on PAL or NTSC Commodore 64s.

Download: ewewozere_dx_1.3.d64

Hunchback, Commodore 64

Well.Come. Back.

The Bells! The Bells!

Frankly, dear friends, I am unsure as to why the only discernible audio in the Commodore 64 version of Ocean’s “Hunchback” is the traditional 100+ year old ditty “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. Answers on a pike to: ouch, that’s my arse.

Hunchback then, at first glance, could almost (colour clash n00bs) be mistaken for a Spectrum game, however, the game itself is a joy to play and as simple as a flat cheese sandwich. You play Hunchback or Quasimodo from the literary pen of Victor Hugo, looking to emancipate your love, Esmerelda from the top of Notre Dame. Simple.

Well – not so, as you have to scale the merlons and run a gauntlet of agility, timing and youthfulness, all of which I fail in. Reminiscent of our friend from Pitfall, the game mechanics are straightforward, easy to pick up and a pleasure to enact. However – a walk in the park, it is not.

One of the most fun aspects of the game, as a whole, is that despite the clear and present simplicity of the entire premise, you remain steadfastly rubbish at it. Rather than frustrate you, this elicits continual glee from your stupid little headbox. It is genuinely fun to play, even, on the screens that have barely any adversaries, or obstacles at all. A feat of hook-ability, if I ever saw one.

For me personally, the nostalgia factor with Hunchback is so strong, I may well be verging on the Mega Bias, however, I will stick to my came to conclusion wot I did come to which is that Hunchback (with the benefit of Instaload) is a cracking game to fire up and have a 20 minutes blast at.

If you can get much further than level 8 – you’re doing very, very well.

It is clearly nothing complicated, but its worth its weight in bells.

Commodore User Issue 9: 4/5
YouTube: LogrusUK
Download: Hunchback

Classic Top Down Action Game Tower of Evil Released for the Commodore 64!

Tower of Evil, originally a game for the C16/Plus/4, Vic-20 and ZX Spectrum was released by Excess today for the Commodore 64.

You play the role of Andros who was banished years ago by King Salimos and can only return when he returns kidnapped Princess Diana and the King's lost treasure taken by an evil Necromancer. You have journeyed to the Necromancer's home, The Tower of Evil to retrieve the stolen treasure and Princess Diana in this top view flick-screen game. Starting on the ground floor, you must search the rooms looking for treasure and a key to use a magic stairway to move up a floor to finally reach the seventh floor where the Princess is.

Occupying each floor are various creatures that need to be avoided or shot with fireballs from your fingertips and if you touch a creature then you lose one of five lives but a goblet will give you invincibility for a limited time. Once you reach the seventh floor you must find a chest to place the treasure in before finding and rescuing the Princess who will disappear and you have to start the whole quest again. Two players can play and each player takes it in turns to play when the other player is killed.

Download: Tower of Evil+2HDG [EX].d64
Source: CSDb

Robot Jet Action C64 Game Coming to Amiga

It’s been over a year since Robot Jet Action was released on the Commodore 64. Retronavigator just announced they are working on Robot Jet Action for the Amiga. Not much is known just yet, but there is a new teaser video and a small amount of info shared.

-Super early development stage
-Final game title still to be decided
-Release date not decided yet – will take some time for sure
-5 years old code resurrected and adapted in 2023
-Will work on every Amiga in 50 FPS! (512kb+512kb)
-100+ colours on screen with copper effects
-Developed in Blitz Basic 2 + M68k Assembly
-Temporarily used music by Lizard aka Magnar of Censor Design and Nah-Kolor

We will be keeping a close eye on development for this game, in the meantime check out the video. Source:

Raistlin from Genesis Project Shares Some Early C64 Demo Source Code

Raistlin from the well known C64 demo group Genesis Project, has kindly shared some of his early demo source code.

“After a discussion on this on CSDb, I decided to finally make the sourcecode to some of the earlier demos that I’ve worked on (Delirious 11 and The Dive) public. So, in theory, you should be able to build those demos. I’ve also added X Marks the Spot and Memento Mori sourcecode, too. Flame on, coders, flame on – go look at that awful spidery mess of shit code ;p”
Twitter: Raistlin/G*P

The Chaos Engine on the Commodore 64?

Some interesting new updates from Marv today over on Twitter. If you don’t know who Marv is, then you’re in for a real treat! This talented chap has decided to create a Commodore 64 version of the classic Amiga game The Chaos Engine, and boy is it looking good so far! Below is the latest tweet update, showing some gameplay and a fantastic SID rendition of the The Chaos Engine theme. It’s early days, but were keeping our fingers crossed that this will eventually turn into a full game release, how cool would that be!

Twitter: @MoreC64

Toki Commodore 64 Remastered Version, New Video

Toki is a run and gun platform game released for the Arcade in Japan in 1989 by TAD Corporation. It was published in North America by Fabtek. Designed by Akira Sakuma, the game has tongue-in-cheek humor mixed with the action. The player controls an enchanted ape who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth. The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on the title protagonist; thereby transforming him from an ape back into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The game was ported to several video game consoles and home computers, including the Commodore 64.

Which brings us to the new enhanced version of Toki for the Commodore 64 by Davide Bottino. Yes you heard correct, Davide is remastering the C64 version of Toki, making some much needed graphics upgrades. Playability wise Toki on the old Commodore is pretty much perfect, however time has not been kind, the graphics look a little tired after all these years and could do with a spruce up.

Rocky & Co Christmas Demo from ICON64/Psytronik Software!

Seems like Psytronik are celebrating Christmas early this year!
Here’s some festive fun for your Commodore 64 courtesy of ICON64. It’s a festive-themed playable demo of ROCKY & CO! Take control of Rocky, Jet & Spud and use their unique strengths to solve the puzzle. The full game featuring 12 beautifully designed levels is now available to order as a physical edition for the C64 from the Psytronik Store or as a digital download via


Rick Dangerous, Commodore 64

Well. Come. Back.

Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes..?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am as certain as Richard Burton’s curtains that all of you have heard of Rick Dangerous and almost all of you probably have fond memories playing the game on an 8-bit, or a 16-bit computer system back in the late 80s. It really was, frankly, a lovely little game, but baste me in a bucket of ham – it is frustrating!

Playing this again, to refresh myself with the game mechanics, I was struck by just how well the game overall has stood the test of time. It looks great, it sounds brilliant and importantly – it plays exceptionally on the C64. Indeed, being a Core Designs game, as you expect, it is packaged up and produced really, really tightly. The cinematic intros are a lovely touch, with a few bars of well put together classic tune-age; there is humour and nods to Indy all over the place; the death animations are hilarious and importantly – it doesn’t generally progress from being happily frustrating to bloody annoying – it remains fun to play, to remember the trap patterns and routes and to try and get past Egypt, for the love of Geoff!

Briley Witch Chronicles 2 Trailer Released!

Briley Witch Chronicles 2, a new RPG coming soon for the Commodore 64, PAL and NTSC.
Follow the continuing adventures of Briley, a modern day girl lost in a strange new world. Take control of Briley as she continues to explore her new life, aided by Smokey, her grumpy cat - and best friend.

Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is based on books 5 and 6 of the Briley Witch novels: The Fallen Witch, and Grey Waters.

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