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The Secret of Monkey Island, Commodore 64

In The Secret of Monkey Island, you play the role of Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who has just hit the shores of Mélée Island (somewhere in the Caribbean). Our naive hero’s travels have led him to Mélée Island in a quest to fulfill his life’s become a fierce, swashbuckling, bloodthirsty Pirate. Unbeknown to Guybrush, however, there have been some strange happenings in the area surrounding Mélée Island and the more mysterious Monkey Island. As he walks into this maelstrom of mystery, Guybrush will soon be very aware that things are not what they appear to be, that even bloodthirsty pirates can be scared, and that there’s more to being a pirate than swinging a sword and drinking grog!

Although you may have played other Lucasfilm games, there are a few differences in the C64 Version of The Secret of Monkey Island that you should be aware of. The interface of this game is not a SCUMM interface. So there are no animations in the game and the verb and objects are used slightly different than you might know from SCUMM games. Nevertheless, you do not need to “double-click” on objects to use or activate them. A single click of the controller button should be used consistently throughout the game.

Download: The Secret of Monkey
Source: CSDb

Codemasters Stuntman Seymour for Amiga recovered

1993 Codemasters Amiga game Stuntman Seymour has been recovered. The full game is now available to download in various formats including floppy .adf and WHDLoad. Head over to to read more information about the game and how it was found after all these years.


Spelunky64, Paul Koller Teases his New C64 Game with a Brand New Trailer!

Paul Koller just dropped a brand new trailer for his upcoming C64 platformer Spelunky64, and boy are we excited! Code by Paul Koller. Music and sfx by Mikkel Hastrup. Game will be available soon. Check out the video below.

NinjFeratu, A New Ninja Platformer for Amiga

Sakai, 13th century A.D. , on a dark night when Yoshi’s family had a quiet dinner, they were attacked by an evil Vampire who had come to the island on a ship from China in search of new blood. He brutally entered the house and killed Yoshi’s entire family, “” and turned him into a vampire. Yoshi was a Shinobi apprentice who saw how this vampire cut short his life and that of his relatives in a tragic way, he swore revenge to the vampire and set out to find and destroy him at any cost.

Currently the game is still in development, but you can purchase a current working version for 5.95€ EUR. NinjFeratu requires any Amiga with 1MB chip ram + 512KB. Like most new games these days an Amiga 1200 is recommended but is not mandatory. Head over to to grab a copy.

Tetris Recoded by RetroBytes, Commodore 64

Tetris is a puzzle video game created in 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov, a Soviet software engineer. It has been published by several companies for multiple platforms, most prominently during a dispute over the appropriation of the rights in the late 1980s. After a significant period of publication by Nintendo, the rights reverted to Pajitnov in 1996, who co-founded the Tetris Company with Henk Rogers to manage licensing.

I’m not going to waste time describing how to play Tetris. I’m pretty sure this is one of the most worldwide known games, along with Mario Bros. and Sonic. However I do have some good News to share today. RetroBytes group recently released a new Tetris clone for the Commodore 64 which came first place at LuheCon³ Demo Party in the mixed game category. Download it here: TETRIS recoded.d64

Santa's Workout 3, Festive Fun on the Commodore 64!

It's Christmas Eve. Santa has to deliver the gifts, but be careful, so you don't wake up the kids or pets! Santa will fall from the chimney and your task is to find the Christmas tree somewhere in the house. Every time you walk, enter a door, or move a piece of furniture, a sound is generated. There are lying some slippers around the houses, which will make your movement silent for a while. Don't let your sneak meter get full! The game is tested on real hardware, TheC64, and VICE emulator. The game will run in PAL and NTSC modes, but it's not optimized for NTSC.

Download the game here: santa3.d64

Into The Eagle’s Nest Deluxe, Commodore Plus/4

Into the Eagle’s Nest is a video game developed by Pandora and published for Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Commodore 64, IBM PC, and ZX Spectrum starting in 1987.

In the fortress “Eagle’s Nest” three comrades are held captive. The task of the player is to free them. Furthermore the building needs to be explored and as many stolen treasures as possible need to be found. The main aim of the game is to destroy the fortress. This is reached by activating a detonator on each floor. Here it is advisable to bring the comrades to safety beforehand. For this you need to escort them to the exit on the first floor. The elevators between the floors can only be used with the help of a keycard that you find on each of the single floors.

Legion Of Doom group over on Plus/4 World have recently released a new Deluxe version of the game, with various improvements over it’s C64 counterpart. Read more information here. Download the game here: into_the_eagles_nest_deluxe.prg

Devolution Global Warming, A real-time strategy game for the Commodore 64

Earth has become a hot and dry place. The struggle for food and water has led to a breakdown of civilization and caused devastating wars and destruction. From the ashes of modern society, the survivors have organized themselves into tribal structures and are fighting each other for survival in the barren wastelands.

Devolution – Global Warming is a real-time strategy game that requires quick tactical decisions and a good long-term strategy. Your goal is to unite the survivors of the apocalypse. But there are others who are trying to do the same. To win, you have to defeat all your opponents or at least stay alive longer…
Download the game here:

Amiga Game Roguecraft from Badger Punch Games Close to Release

Ricki Sickenger from Badger Punch Games recently announced on Twitter that their latest Amiga game is very close to being released. If you’re not familiar with Badger Punch Games, they are responsible for the excellent Rogue64 on the Commodore 64, and the new enhanced Amiga version is looking absolutely gorgeous!

Roguecraft is a modern turn-based rogue-like focused on simplicity and fun. It is a dungeon crawler where each play-through is a unique experience. As you progress in the game you will combat meaner monsters and tougher challenges. You only have one life, so you have to be careful, but if you reach the end there are wonderful rewards to be gathered! Roguecraft is currently under development for the Commodore Amiga, with other platforms to follow.

Download: Rogue64
Download Amiga Demo:

Soul Crystal +TFDS, Full English Translation by Onslaught Released!

C64 group Onslaught have released an English translation of the 1992 Commodore 64 game Soul Crystal. As well as the English translation, they’ve also released an EasyFlash version and also the German version. Check out the links below to grab the download.

Your name is Dave, and these are your first holidays you’re spending alone, without your parents. You’re resting in a hotel near a mysterious loch in Scotland. You go swimming in the lake and dive through a waterfall – on the other side of it, you’re finding yourself in a strange fantasy-like world.

The game is a mixture of a graphical and text-adventure. All actions can be performed by typing or by clicking on the icons. The story takes some wild and unexpected turns and encourages you to keep playing. A relatively hassle-free user interface makes it easy to get started. The graphics are quite good for the 64 and the background music is also quite audible. And the text, which comes in large quantities and is not always completely logical, is easier to read than the Amiga version. Friends of (now rare) text adventures will still enjoy Soul Crystal.


Robot Jet Action 2, Amiga

Robot Jet Action 2 is a continuation of the C64 hit game and this time the game is aimed for the Amiga range of computers. Expect more colours, more robots and more action!

The release plans, dates and more details will be announced early 2024.
While waiting for this new Amiga game you can play original Robot Jet Action for the Commodore 64 here: The development of the game can be followed at: You can also follow the YouTube channel here: retronavigator.

Ewe Woz ‘Ere DX 1.3 Update, Commodore 64

Baaary: Mutton Commando is a cyborg sheep from the distant future who must preserve the future of mutton-kind by defending the fields from an invasion of Traazkists led by the evil combat lizard, Traazk.

Armed with a basic plasma spitter, Baaary is teleported into the field where he must destroy meanies and collect charges to prime the gateway and clear the level.

-12 levels across 6 different biomes.
-6 different weapons to collect.
-45 varieties of aliens across the 12 levels.
-Destructible terrain.
-Variable gravity.
-All new soundtrack.
-30 sound effects.
-High score table and best game saving.
-An extra hard nightmare mode can be unlocked by completing the game.
-Playable on PAL or NTSC Commodore 64s.

Download: ewewozere_dx_1.3.d64

Super Bagman Arcade to Amiga Conversion Released!

Early November Vitno website shared News Jotd was working on Super Bagman, an Arcade to Amiga conversion. We have some great News for you today, the game has been released and you can download it here:

Super Bagman, a Labyrinth/Maze Arcade game from 1984 by Stern Electronics. Your character is a robber. Run around a mine collecting moneybags and depositing them in a wheelbarrow at the top of the screen. Climb ladders and ride elevators to avoid two angry miners. Grab pickaxes and other objects to temporarily stun your pursuers.

Here’s what Jotd had to say. Game is pretty complete by now with music by no9 (great conversions as always!) and a “very easy” mode which is default and allows the game to be playable. Arcade mode is also available, along with a lot of trainer options.

1994 Bomberman Clone Penguin Tower finally Released!

Penguin Tower is a 1994 Bomberman clone coded by Jani Hirvo and Scapegoat, graphics also by Jani Hirvo. Music and SFX by Feekzoid, Chris Lightfoot and AudioMaster J. Another game that was thought to be lost forever after the demise of the Commodore 64. But today we have some good News!

Frank Gasking just announced on Twitter that Penguin Tower has finally been released, and for free! Head over to the Games that weren’t website to read the whole story, it’s all very interesting.

CSDb: Penguin Tower
C64 Crack: Penguin Tower+
Source: Frank Gasking
Commodore Format: issue-review-cf-44-may-1994

Abbey(s) of the Dead, Amiga

13th Century the Cathars were being expelled by the Catholic Church out of the Languedoc. Jean & Joan Raymond run to escape the crusaders, an abandoned church seems welcoming. This demo game comes as an .adf file usable on the Amiga (PAL) home computer. Requires minimum 1MB RAM (512KB/512KB or 1MB). The demo version gives you a limited area to explore on the original map with infinite lives. The full game release is expected by the end of November this year. Download:

Emerald Caves, A New Emerald Mine Clone with 64 Brand New Levels for your Amiga!

Emerald Mine is a 1987 puzzle video game developed and published for Amiga and Atari ST by Kingsoft. The series follows mines filled with various gems, such as emeralds. It is a Boulder Dash clone in which the player completes levels by collecting a specific amount of gems before reaching the exit. Emerald Mine was Kingsoft’s best-selling title with reviews generally favourable, and spawned several sequels.

Emerald Caves is an Emerald Mine clone, a nod to the past and features 64 brand new levels to test your skills. Challenging but fun! Emerald Caves is available for OCS and AGA Amiga.
Grab the download here: EmeraldCaves.adf

Classic Top Down Action Game Tower of Evil Released for the Commodore 64!

Tower of Evil, originally a game for the C16/Plus/4, Vic-20 and ZX Spectrum was released by Excess today for the Commodore 64.

You play the role of Andros who was banished years ago by King Salimos and can only return when he returns kidnapped Princess Diana and the King's lost treasure taken by an evil Necromancer. You have journeyed to the Necromancer's home, The Tower of Evil to retrieve the stolen treasure and Princess Diana in this top view flick-screen game. Starting on the ground floor, you must search the rooms looking for treasure and a key to use a magic stairway to move up a floor to finally reach the seventh floor where the Princess is.

Occupying each floor are various creatures that need to be avoided or shot with fireballs from your fingertips and if you touch a creature then you lose one of five lives but a goblet will give you invincibility for a limited time. Once you reach the seventh floor you must find a chest to place the treasure in before finding and rescuing the Princess who will disappear and you have to start the whole quest again. Two players can play and each player takes it in turns to play when the other player is killed.

Download: Tower of Evil+2HDG [EX].d64
Source: CSDb

The Chaos Engine on the Commodore 64?

Some interesting new updates from Marv today over on Twitter. If you don’t know who Marv is, then you’re in for a real treat! This talented chap has decided to create a Commodore 64 version of the classic Amiga game The Chaos Engine, and boy is it looking good so far! Below is the latest tweet update, showing some gameplay and a fantastic SID rendition of the The Chaos Engine theme. It’s early days, but were keeping our fingers crossed that this will eventually turn into a full game release, how cool would that be!

Twitter: @MoreC64

Super Bagman Arcade to Amiga Conversion Coming

Jotd over on English Amiga Board recently announced he’s working on another Arcade to Amiga conversion. This time he has chosen Super Bagman, a Labyrinth/Maze Arcade game from 1984 by Stern Electronics. Your character is a robber. Run around a mine collecting moneybags and depositing them in a wheelbarrow at the top of the screen. Climb ladders and ride elevators to avoid two angry miners. Grab pickaxes and other objects to temporarily stun your pursuers.

Here’s what Jotd had to say. “Converted from the original Z80 disassembly from the Arcade game, this Bagman follow up has 5 screens instead of 3 and difficulty went from “hard” to “brutal” in the process. There are strategies to complete the first level, though, I did that a few years ago. No playable version released yet, just a video.”

Rocky & Co Christmas Demo from ICON64/Psytronik Software!

Seems like Psytronik are celebrating Christmas early this year!
Here’s some festive fun for your Commodore 64 courtesy of ICON64. It’s a festive-themed playable demo of ROCKY & CO! Take control of Rocky, Jet & Spud and use their unique strengths to solve the puzzle. The full game featuring 12 beautifully designed levels is now available to order as a physical edition for the C64 from the Psytronik Store or as a digital download via