A Pioneering Survival Horror Game in 8 Bits — Project Firestart, Commodore 64

Project Firestart is a game that deserves so much more recognition than it generally gets for being a pioneer of survival horror - and a damn good one at that.

Published by Electronic Arts and developed by Dynamix (who you may know from their Sierra-published flight sims), Project Firestart made its home on disk-only Commodore 64s in North America in 1989. No loading tunes here, I'm afraid! But what you are treated to instead is a stunning and atmosphere-building cinematic intro that knocked my socks right off the first time I saw it early in 2022. It feels way ahead of its time and even manages to pull off an FMV sequence feel with the use of a digitized pixel head.

Once you're through the intro and its creepy tuneage, the premise is clear: You're taking on the role of Jon Hawking, a seasoned agent working for the United System States. A research vessel orbiting Saturn has suddenly gone radio silent and it's up to you to board the ship, find out what has happened, and recover valuable research data. All within a time limit before the powers-that-be trigger the vessel's self-destruct mechanism. Not super original stuff, but it gets the job done.

The Master of Magic, Commodore 64

Well. Come. Back.

The Master of Magic was the first RPG I ever played on the C64 and whilst it isn’t as hardcore an example of the genre such as titles like Wizard’s Crown, The Bard’s Tale and Abandoned Places, it is certainly rock hard and it contains all of the elements and traits of the usual dungeon delve.

From one of the Darling Brothers: Richard, the man that brought us BMX Simulator, comes an extremely rich text and graphical adventure that is as challenging as it is engrossing. One of it’s crowning glories is its unique and innovative interface. The screen is split into four main sections: an overhead moveable playing map with ‘fog of war’; a localised graphical depiction in glorious pixel art detail of interactibles you can currently see; a horizontal “choices” bar; and the standard dialogue box and GUI. Every action you want to carry out within the game is available via a “pause” menu with a click of the joystick button.

POKEing Around In Commodore BASIC - Ep 01 The Missing LOCATE/PLOT Statement

This series will focus on using POKEs in Commodore BASIC. These videos are short, and to the point. Look for a new episodes soon.

VIC Light Cycles by Fuzzybad

The classic Light Cycles game for the VIC-20 home computer with 8K (or more) RAM expansion.

At title screen, press the controls left/right to choose single-player or two-player mode.  Press 1, 2, or 3 to set single-player difficulty level.

Player 1 controls: Joystick or keys WASD + Space
Player 2 controls: keys IJKL + Right Shift.

Download: fuzzybad.itch.io

Completing Bubble Bobble, Commodore 64

Well. Come. Back.

You know the tune, it dings and blings around in the back of your head as you vainly search for the yellow sweetie, narrowly missing the flung rolling pin of doom. Bubble Bobble on the C64 was fantastic, but not, as I had once believed, as good as I thought it was.

It’s a great conversion – no doubt there - and the C64 really does well with regard to collisions, colours, sprites and speed and there are even the hidden extras in there, but, well… Myself and a friend, fuelled with beer one evening set out, with our limited credits, to fully complete Bub and Bob’s quest. We loved the game, he didn’t mind playing blue and I PON’d for green. We had all night, no distractions, we were fed and watered and I should point out, around 24 years old and the game was nearly 15 years old (if not more) itself – and we’d never, ever done it, so, we shucked off another can and launched our crusade.

I unequivocally adore this game – the arcade, of course, is nigh sheer perfection (depending upon which difficulty level the board is set on…) and at still only 10p per credit, well, you’re mad for not hitting the arcade under the Palace Pier, Brighton every weekend back in the day; or Dusters in Plymouth way back in the 'olden days, but, with my beloved C64 conversion – I found faults…

Well: fault, really.

You see, we played that fateful night, taking turns to leap levels utilising the EXTEND function, umbrellas and more, we failed a few times around the 70s, sometimes earlier with our limited credits (one credit each – no rebuys), but we continued into the morning hours, relentlessly slogging back through the early levels, relentlessly playing Bubble Bobble on my C64, sitting, cross-legged on my old bedroom floor. Adults.

And..: we did it – we survived the hideous space invaders and the ridiculously evil later level design and we found ourselves facing a bloody super-huge rolling pin-thrower on LVL 100. Having never reached this point, it took a few moments to work out what to do and we struggled and muddled our way through the boss pattern until finally – he just disappeared!

We’d done it – we’d got to the top of Bubble Bobble! For the first time in our lives. Ever.

However, this was a short-lived elation, as even though we knew we had really completed the game, we also knew that we now had to fight our way back down the tower, as in the arcade, to get ourselves and our prizes back home again. We glanced sidelong at our lives/credits tally. Not too good.

Thing is, with the C64, that was that – Game Over.

Michael Finnegan.

Simultaneously one of the greatest achievements and absolute disappointments of my entire life. Second only to realising that they aren’t rolling pins – they are whisky bottles.

Download: Bubble Bobble
Youtube: LogrusUK

Pleiades 3D, A New Game for the Commodore Amiga 1200 by MikketX

Join the journey of a lifetime as you help Alice, a girl stranded in the Pleiades star cluster, find her way back to Earth. Scoop asteroids for credits, collect defeated pirates' cargo, and upgrade your ship with missile locks and a jump drive. Explore six space stations managed by Alice's sisters to find the remaining ray stones. Battle Captain Orion in a thrilling showdown and embark on a cosmic odyssey in "Pleiades 3D," where the power of friendship and courage knows no bounds.

Download: mikketx.itch.io

Three New Writers Join CommodoreBlog Website!

Mondays aren't always bad, we have some great News today! Three new writers will be joining CommodoreBlog! Please welcome BeardedSonOfNel, Commodorelad and LogrusUK from Twitter. Great to have you aboard guys, looking forward to your rambles.

If you would like to join the team as a writer, you can contact us here commodoreblog.twitter@gmail.com

Vintage is the New Old Backup Content Saved, and a few words about the website.

A lot of you may remember, I am the original founder of CommodoreBlog/Commodore is Awesome website, which is what eventually evolved into Vintage is the New Old. For many years Paulo, myself, along with our good friend Alec and many other people as casual writers, put in a lot of time and effort and together we created something very special.

Yes, this is the end of Vintage is the New Old. The website has been immortalised as read only online. I thought this was a good idea at the time, however after seeing what it has turned into, I am a little disappointed to see adverts all over the website and the domain up for sale for a ridiculous price. Unfortunately this is totally out of my hands now, and there is nothing I can do to change this.

Fortunately Paulo backed up the essentials of the website, which I have recently downloaded, and I have a full ftp backup stored on one of my hard drives. So in theory, it would be very possible to bring it back to it's former glory in ten years time. I'm just kidding, that's never going to happen, however there is a lot of content I would like to save, particularly Alec's Retro Revisited write ups, that really deserve a place on the new CommodoreBlog website. Which is exactly what I intend to do. So over time you will see these write ups slowly added to the reviews page of CommodoreBlog.

There's a lot of work involved to make the new CommodoreBlog as good as it was, it will take some time, but I have my mojo back and some things just need to be saved.

So all you Vitno fans, I'm still here, Vitno is still here, but in a different form of sorts. Most of all, my passion to carry on is still here, so expect good things in the future. If any of you would like to write reviews for CommodoreBlog or just post quick Commodore News, send your emails to commodoreblog.twitter@gmail.com. /Sarah.

Super Delivery Boy, New Platformer Coming to the Amiga

Super Delivery Boy is a new family-friendly platformer game in development for Commodore Amiga made with Scorpion Engine, inspired by the classic japanese platformers from Konami and Hudson Soft. More info and download here: neesogames.itch.io

SukkoPera 16UP

16UP is an Open Hardware Expansion board that will add a User Port to the Commodore 16, 116 and Plus/4 home computers.

Source: github.com/SukkoPera/16up/tree/v3
Maciej Witkowiak has released new firmware for the TIB-001. The TIB-001 is a 3.5" disk drive for the Commodore 64 computer that connects via the cartridge port.

Source: github.com/ytmytm/TIB-001-Cart/tree/master/src

SukkoPera Plus4Serial

Plus4Serial is an Open Hardware Serial Port Adapter that plugs into the Commodore Plus/4 User Port, turning it into a fully-functional RS-232 interface.

Source: github.com/SukkoPera/Plus4Serial

Ooze: The Escape, Amiga Port Released!

Help Ooze navigate through various corridors and laboratories, using its gravity-reversing powers to overcome obstacles and avoid the robotic guards in an attempt to escape from this dangerous subterranean complex. Collect keys and insert them in the computer terminal to gain access to further areas. Can you escape?

This is a port of the Spectrum version to the Commodore Amiga. Follow the link below for more screen-shots, info and download.

Download: Ooze-amiga.zip
Source: vwguy16.itch.io

Pssst EasyFlash Release

Released by: TREX
Release Date: 24 August 2023
Type: EasyFlash
Download: psst_[trex].crt

Roguecraft Amiga Demo from Badger Punch Games Updated

Ricki Sickenger just announced the demo version of his game Roguecraft, a modern roguelike for the Amiga, has been updated! Follow the link below to download and for more info.

Source: badgerpunch.itch.io
Website: badgerpunch.com

Stunt Car Racer Commodore Plus/4 Version Released!

It was only last week we was talking about the preview version of Stunt Car Racer, and how amazing it looks. Today we are excited to announce that the game has been released! Check out the new video and follow the links below for more information.

Download: Stunt Car Racer
Source: Plus/4 World
Forum thread: Plus/4 World

Wipeout, Puls4r Lost Plus/4 Project

Puls4r, the group that brought us the excellent Lykia for C64 & Plus/4, recently shared a video on YouTube, showing us what Wipeout could look and run like on the humble Commodore Plus/4 computer. You can watch the video here. Download the .prg file below which runs on YAPE.

Download: wipeout_plus4.prg

Ribbits All Round! Frogger Arcade for your Amiga!

This is a 1:1 arcade port of the game Frogger by Konami from 1981 for the Amiga 500. The game is written in 68k assembler, based on the original Z80 code. I don't think I need to explain the game, if you've never heard of Frogger, where have you been?

Download: frogger_beta.adf

Tony demo version v1.2, Amiga

Tony by Monochrome Productions is a new Amiga monochrome platformer. You can grab the latest demo version 1.2 over on Aminet. Tony is written with Blitz Basic 2, and is a tribute to the Polish journalist and travel writer Tony Halik.

Download: tony.adf
Source: aminet

PSSST by Boony Smith, Commodore 64 .TAP version

The freshest game on
the Commodore 64! PSSST by Boony Smith. The 40 year free anniversary edition of the Speccy classic. Loading pic by KENZ of Psytronik. Tape loader by Richard of TND.

Grab the .TAP version here: PSSST! [Homebrew].zip
Source: Boony Smith, JudgeDrokk, Richard of TND

Kielbasa Empire, Commodore 64

Kielbasa Empire is a Commodore 64 game, currently in development since around September 2021. The game is about about farming crops, feeding pigs and turning them into sausages, however this could change in the future, as the game is still unfinished. You can download a .crt demo version from the link below. The .crt extension means it's a Commodore 64 cartridge image. Emulators like Vice and CCS64 run .crt files as well as Easyflash with a real Commodore 64.

Download: kielbasaDemo0723_RC3.crt

The Last Dungeon, Amiga

The Last Dungeon is a top down adventure game, much in the style of  Zelda. The game requires at least 1Mb memory. OCS hardware sprites might be buggy so use ECS if you can. Please note, this is not a finished game and originally was an entry to the AmiGameJam 2022. Check out the latest updates below.

 Version 0.7.1C bug fixes:
- Fixed multiple issues with the status panel not displaying the correct number of gold/keys/bombs.
- Enemies can now display the item they are carrying which will hopefully make it less likely to miss the key in the first room on the right!
- Fixed a bug where image draw offsets were getting reset to 0 when loading graphics from DAT files.
- Fixed a bug where the auto map would sometimes not draw correctly for the first room.
- Fixed a bug where pushable objects would sometimes draw the tile to the left when restoring background tiles.
- Fixed a bug where the spinning sword on the title screen would draw in the wrong colours after returning from the character select screen.

Download: dungeon071.adf
Source: pixelplop.itch.io

The Last Effort, Commodore 64

The Last Effort is a modern game made for the Commodore 64. You play a disappointed in life police officer who's duty is to check drivers for illegal documents. Since your wife is terribly sick you need to earn 15 thousand bucks for her treatment, and you have to break the law if you want to save her. But you have only 99 hours to do it.

Download: last effort.d64
Source: alexlogachev.itch.io

Stunt Car Racer Preview. Commodore Plus/4

Stunt Car Racer was always one of my favourite games on the Amiga. Who would of thought all these years later we would see a Plus/4 version. Well.. not quite a full game just yet, maybe 'proof of concept' is a better description. It is, however, very impressive considering the graphical limitations of the Commodore Plus/4 as a games machine. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more updates.

Source: kaviolalainen

PSSST by Boony Smith, Commodore 64

A 40 year Commodore 64 tribute version of PSSST! Released at ZZAP! LIVE 2023 by Boony and his mate Pav.

Freely available tribute version, this is the "original" disk image .d64.

Mirror: PSSST GAME .d64
Source: Boony Smith JudgeDrokk 

Star Bars Atari 2600 Music Editor V1.2

Star Bars is a music sequencer and play routine for Atari 2600 video game console from the late 70's. The editor runs on a Commodore 64 and exports both PAL and NTSC Atari 2600 ROM images containing your music and the music player code.

Download: starbars.zip
Star Bars Manual.pdf
Source: CSDb

Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure, Commodore 64

No way! Yes way. This, my friends, is the conversion of the legendary Bill & Ted Game Boy game by LJN/Beam Software to the Commodore 64. More info and download from the links below.

Download: Bill&Ted+1D[EX].d64
CSDb: Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure
Source: https://romwer.itch.io/billandted

Pssst + Genesis Project, Commodore 64

Released by: Genesis Project
Release Date: 13 August 2023
Download: Pssst+-GP.d64
Source: CSDb

Sega Wonderboy, Amiga port updated to Version 1.2.1

Brave deep dark forests. Cross endless oceans. Endure arid deserts. All the while, fending off nasty creatures and natural disasters. Your mission, rescue your girlfriend, Tanya, from the clutches of a brutish king. 

Changes: v1.2.1
Fixed bonus screen audio bug
Fixed 2 minor bugs
CD32 iso added

Download: wonderboy_final_v1_2_1.adf
Source: acidbottle.itch.io

Petaxian, New Galaga Style Game for the Commodore 64

Petaxian is a PETSCII shoot-em-up in a Galaga style. You have to protect the earth from the evil Petaxians! They want to defeat Planet Earth and leave it in ruins. You control your space ship with a joystick in port 2. Kill all the enemies and you will reach the next stage. You will receive a time bonus if you're very fast. The game has 20 stages, if you manage to finish stage 20, you have defeated the Petaxians and the earth will be saved! You have only three lives, good luck!

Download: Petaxian+2HDG [EX].d64
CSDb: Petaxian
Source: GitHub

Bulbmaster Sokoban-Style Game for the Commodore Amiga

Bulbmaster is a sokoban-style game with a twist. The player assumes the role of a mechanic whose task is to move electric spheres to their sockets. The challenge lies in the fact that wooden crates can only be moved one space at a time, whereas the electric spheres will roll until they encounter an obstacle!

Download: Bulbmaster-demo.adf
Source: neofuturism.itch.io

Arlasoft Unfinished Commodore 64 Game Funfair Inc. Released

Arlasoft recently announced on Twitter their unfinished Commodore 64 Game Funfair Inc. has been released to the public with source code.

Here's a few words from Arlasoft on their website. "This downloadable version is where development stopped a couple of years ago, I just hit a brick wall and the motivation to tackle even the smallest feature or bug disappeared. Unfortunately unless I get into a position where I can do my own thing all day every day I don't see me having the time or energy to finish it, but I will make the code available to anyone who wants to have a go."

Download: funfair_preview.prg
Source: arlagames.itch.io

Dig Dug Revival, Commodore 64

Dig Dug Revival is a homage to Dig Dug, an Arcade game developed by Namco in 1982.
In this version, the playfields are procedurally generated. The game works perfectly on both PAL and NTSC models.

Source: lowcarb.itch.io

The Last Dungeon (AmiGameJam 2022)

The Last Dungeon is another promising game that was entered into the AmiGameJam 2022. Here's a few words from the creator.

"This is an Amiga Disk File (.ADF) and requires a real Amiga computer to run or through an Amiga emulator! (Amiga 500 ECS 1MB, OCS might be buggy!)

This is my submission to the AmiGameJam 2022.
(I might upload a newer version in a few hours but probably not!)

Development was started in May 2023 after the deadline was extended.

This is not a finished game! For various reasons I ran out of time. There will be bugs!

If people like the game I will continue to work on it after the Jam in the hope of finishing it properly."

Source: pixelplop.itch.io

Tower And Dragon V2.0 Commodore PET

Tower And Dragon Version 2.0 Released! Only requires 8K memory and is playable by tape or disk.

New in V2.0
The game starts with an outdoor adventure!
There are now animated tiles.
All levels are fortified with room decorations.
Game programmed around ROM 1 bugs with the Commodore PET disk drive (IEEE-488), allowing it to work with a disk drive! To get it operating, see project rom1diskmagic.
20% improvement in performance.
As with 1.1, this all runs in only 8K of memory. To make something this complex has been an ongoing battle.
Unfortunately, character save files from version 1.x are not compatible.
Fixed screen corruption on save (only effected tape cassette version in some cases).
As of Version 1.1, supports SNES Game Controller.

Download: TowerAndDragon.zip
Source: hub.inktada.com

Lancess Priya, Commodore 64

Lancess Priya is a new game for the Commodore 64. Developed by Dr. TerrorZ, the game reached first place at the WiLD Demo Competition at Vammala Party 2023.

Download: lancessp.prg
Source: CSDb

Combian 64 V3.7 released

Combian 64 is Raspberry Pi distribution able to boot your preferred Commodore machine in just few seconds. It uses the brand new version of Vice 3.7.1 to emulate all the Commodore Machines set. By default, Combian 64 boots the Commodore 64 emulator.

What’s new in Combian64 V3.7?
It uses Vice 3.7.1 compiled against SDL2 (sources under the ‘opt/src’ folder of the distro)
Enable / Disable TCP over IP allowing you networking with your preferite machine
Added to the menu the possibility to choice “Commodore 128 – 80 Columns to run at boot.
Samba now shares Combian64 folder with your PC/MAC
Sid Wizard 1.8 / 1.9 can be found under the music folder

Download: Combian64 - V3.7.zip
Source: cmaiolino.wordpress.com

LittleSixteen V4, A C16 Clone Board by SukkoPera

It looks like my dreams have finally come true. A brand new C16/Plus/4 compatible clone board is becoming a reality thanks to SukkoPera over at Plus/4 World Forums. According to SukkoPera, he's just ordered the prototypes for version 4 of the board.

* 100% Plus/4 compatible User Port
* 512 kB Hannes-style RAM expansion
* Onboard SID (either 6581 or 8580+Digifix) + 3rd joystick port (SID audio is mixed with the TED/Ext audio with configurable volume but direct dedicated output is also available)
* Joystick swapper
* Ability to replace keyboard MOS 6529 with 74x273 (so that 6529 can be recycled for User Port, but that one as well can be replaced with a 74x654)
* Removed FB13 in order to reduce luma/chroma crosstalk and improve video quality (Thanks @TLC!)
* Direct TED output connector (experimental)
* Pin header with all tape signals (think Internal Tapuino)
* Pin header with all IEC signals (think Internal SD2IEC)

Source: plus4world.powweb.com

King Arthur: Rise of the Round Table - New WIP Sword Slasher Coming to the Amiga CD32

An action RPG inspired by Moonstone, but still very much in the middle of development.

Uses a 4 button CD32 controller (but also playable using the keyboard for emulation)
50FPS gory action in glorious AGA
Part of the AmiGameJam 2022

Download: rise.iso
Source: latebit.itch.io

Caravandalf for the Amiga 1200 by Peter & Gordon Mackay

A wizardly caravan mode shmup, by Peter & Gordon Mackay. Made for AmiGameJam 2022. Unfortunately there is no game description at all, which I found a bit unusual. Anyway head over to petmac.itch.io/caravandalf to grab the download.

Lunar City by The New Dimension, Commodore 64

Lunar City is a fun and challenging space shooting gallery type of game written for the Zzap! 64 Micro Action Covermount. The game was inspired by Atlantis for the ATARI, but Lunar City is slightly different, as you will probably see when you play the game.

Nicely presented loading bitmap with loading music
Front end presentation with Drum 'n Bass style music
End scene presentation
Hi score table with saver (if playing in disk mode)
16 action-packed levels with an increasing level of difficulty
Arcade style sound effects
4 different landscapes
8 different aliens (where newer aliens will appear after completing every fourth level).

Download: richard-tnd.itch.io
Source: The New Dimension

Airwolf Enhanced Commodore 16/Plus/4

Airwolf Enhanced for the Commodore 16/Plus/4

New Features
- 16 new screens - taking the total to 25
- 5 more scientists to rescue (now 8 in total)
- Improved controls
- Improved chars and animation, based on C64 release
- New scoring system
- Respawn death bug removed
- Infinite score bug removed
- Cheat modes built in
- NTSC fixed
- All still crammed into 16K!

Download: airwolf_enhanced.prg
Source: plus4world.powweb.com

Flood. 1990, Bullfrog/Electronic Arts.

 Hello.. I’m Flood!
Not the most well known game from EA, Quiffy is a little green dude (What exactly is he? Starfish, Mutant Frog?) who is on a mission to clear his world of litter that someone has thoughtlessly left lying around. Quiffy also has to switch off the leaky taps on each level to stop the water gathering below, rising up and flooding his underground lair, killing everything in its path. Hence the game title ‘Flood’

This is one of those platformers which instantly draws you in from the beginning, with its fantastic title music, superb colourful graphics and addictive but sometimes puzzling gameplay. I still own the original boxed version of Flood, although during my Amiga 500 days, we mostly had (cough) a lot of ‘backup disks’. The Amiga had big game piracy issues back in the day, a long story maybe for a future article.

Bad Guys
There are 42 levels on Quiffy’s big clean up mission and through each level he will come across some particularly nasty creatures (Hey we never said this would be easy!) One of the most annoying of all these beasties is Quiffy’s scary ghost aunt! She will follow Quiffy’s specific path that he has made throughout the level and if you double back or get near, her deadly touch will lead you to your demise. Collecting your trash and getting through the level as quickly as possible is your main priority.

Other baddies you should avoid are freakishly named the following.. ‘Bulbous Headed Vongs’, ‘Plonkin Donkins’, ‘Vacuous Gombos’ and ‘Psycho Teddy’! Psycho Teddy has sharp teeth in his stomach, so be sure to avoid this guy as he’s not your average cuddly toy! However this game isn’t about completely avoiding the enemy, luckily Quiffy has a small arsenal of weaponry at hand to protect himself. Grenades, flame-throwers and dynamite on timers will help him though his adventure to victory!

As well as great music in the game, Flood has some excellent sound effects, echoing splashes when Quiffy jumps into water and loud gulp noises when in contact with enemy snails, Flood has a certain charm that you just don’t see in games today. The games difficulty is spot on and will keep you entertained for many fun filled hours.

Flood. An awesome platformer frozen in time when Amiga was the king of gaming.

Download: Flood
Download: Flood_v1.2_0504.lha

Ocean Beach Volley, 1989 Ocean.


I have played a fair few games in my time, but in all honesty, nothing has really stood out for me as far as amazing sports games go. However there is always a first time and this particular title for one reason or another stuck with me during my childhood and I couldn’t stop playing it. I think the first thing that struck me as particularly amazing was the intro, a lovely big Ocean logo with catchy music playing, then a huge golden trophy slowly appears on the screen. Loading up the game for this alone was worth it!

As we all know, Ocean was a big name in the video game industry back in the eighties and nineties and although a lot of games by Ocean were rushed released, (Yes, there are some bad Ocean titles too, Lethal Weapon and Total Recall come to mind) Ocean Beach Volley, for me, was something special.

Ocean Beach Volley is a 2 on 2 game of Beach Volley, go figure..
‘Well that sounds pretty boring!’ I hear you shout, and why would I put this in my top five? For me (As old games go) this is a very addictive sports title, and one of the best looking on the Amiga. Ocean have a knack of creating polished good looking games and the graphics certainly do not disappoint. Sprites are big and cartoony and the various backdrops depicting each country you visit are really nice.

Welcome to London!
There are eight different countries to play against including France, Russia and Egypt, you start the game in your home country London England. You need to score 7 points to win a match. Your player has three basic moves, bump, set and smash. Bump is a move using both forearms to deflect a smash from your opponent, Set is used for setting up the shot for a smash shot, and smash is a move you can use if you are serving or if you want to slam the ball over the net really hard at close range.

You control both players on your team, whatever player you are in control of at the time will be shown by a big hand pointing downwards above you and a blue cursor will show where the ball is going to land, but in my experience this isn’t always accurate and sometimes the cursor shows up after it’s too late, making the game more difficult than it should be. Every match is played against the clock and when you’re close to running out of time, the music changes to a fast rock’n’roll melody to let you know you must hurry if you want to win that quarter million!

If I have one grudge regarding Ocean Beach Volley, it would be that it’s very difficult to get any further than level 3, (if your lucky) Yes that’s right, there seems to be an issue within the game, where every level has the same difficulty, even the first level! The CPU Players show no mercy and you will have to really concentrate and try your very hardest to beat them if you want to win the trophy. The game also has a 2 player option if you get bored with the CPU players awesomeness and you would prefer to play a friend who is less competitive. Overall Ocean Beach Volley is a great sports game on the Amiga that will provide hours of fun and entertainment. (and frustration!)

Download: Ocean Beach Volley
Download: BeachVolley_v1.0_1249.lha