Huck On The Mississippi, Commodore 64

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel by American author Mark Twain, which was first published in the United Kingdom in December 1884, and in the United States in February 1885. Huck on the Mississippi is a new Commodore 64 game by Frank Abbing which is loosely based on the original novel.

After a break of 35 years, I have finished programming this game for the Commodore 64. There are ten levels with a final boss, after which the game will be completed. I think both are motivating. There are probably people who will play through the game in a few minutes, and others who will lose all hope at the increasingly difficult levels and try again and again. Use the joystick in Port 2 to control your player on a log. Move up/down and left/right to pick up objects from the water and collect points. Avoid contact with wild ducks, crocodiles and other dangerous animals.

Download: Huck on the

Ami-H.E.R.O. Amiga

H.E.R.O. (Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation) is a video game designed by John Van Ryzin and published by Activision for the Atari 2600 in March 1984. Ami-H.E.R.O. is inspired by Activision's version from the Atari 2600/XL, C64 and ColecoVision. Download it here:

Super GP 64, Commodore 64

Super GP 64 is a racing game for the Commodore 64. It's a simple arcade style racer, inspired by games like Pitstop and Pitstop 2. It's a port and reworking of Super Monza GP 2 for the VIC 20. The game now features the Bahrain circuit, as well as the four circuits from SMGP2 (Monza, Monaco, Spa and Interlagos). An in-game circuit map with location indicator has been added. Colliding with cars results in damage, which can be repaired by entering the pits during the race. More damage equals slower maximum speed.

Compete in a single race on any of the five circuits. Alternatively, play them all in sequence in the Championship mode, where you have to complete every race with a podium finish in order to continue. Choice of three difficulty levels, which are determined by starting position and race length.


BestClassicWB v2.0 for OS3.2

BestClassicWB v2.0.4 is an expansion pack that aims to bring the ClassicWB look to OS3.2.1.

It adds the GlowIcons found in ClassicWB, as well as some extra programs, tools, utilities, and datatypes.

It is suitable for 020+ and AGA chipset (or similar UAE setup).
You'll need a clean OS3.2.1 installation, after extracting the .lha file double click the BCWB icon to start.

Previous versions:
- BestClassicWB v2.0.3 for OS 3.2

Source: English Amiga Board

Datahits Rewound, 1980's C64 remixes now available as a Free Download!

Datahits Rewound is a 2023 remake of a 1980s music cassette containing remixes of the themes from five popular Commodore 64 games, made in the interests of preservation, documentation and nostalgia. Although a digital version of this tape can be found online, the only available source was the retail compact cassette and despite remastering efforts, the quality of any recordings is poor. The aim of this project was to reproduce each track as closely to the original as possible, with the highest quality audio possible. The project leverages the SID Effects library, which provides very high quality recordings from real SID chips in stereo. Mixing, production and cover art by Dan Tootill.

Download: Datahits_Rewound_(FLAC).zip

1982 Namco Dig Dug Arcade Commodore 64 Port

Here's a very cool Commodore 64 port of Dig Dug, originally an Arcade game developed by Namco way back in 1982.

This version includes all the levels from the original Arcade game. There are 15 different levels of which the last 4 are repeated until reaching level 256 (the kill screen). If, however, you are interested in a less repetitive and therefore more stimulating version of the game, try Dig Dug Revival, where the levels are procedurally generated and are always different from each other and from game to game. You can download the Revival version here:

Download: digdug.d64

OneLoad64 Games Collection v5 Released

StatMat recently released Version 5 of his OneLoad64 Games collection. This is a collection of over 2000 Commodore 64 games all in .crt format. Instant loading, and still keeping the fantastic loading music and familiar title screens. No cracks, intros, or trainers in this collection, just pure quick load gaming! Here's a few words from StatMat.

OneLoad64 v5 has finally been shared with the subscribers of my YouTube channel and I will share more widely next weekend.

You can always get earlier access by subscribing if you wish ( It costs nothing and helps with me grow my little channel and help show your appreciation. I plan to be releasing some new content covering the process of adding games to OneLoad64 soon.

Thanks for everyone's support and understanding on the slight delay this year. The original plan had been to release at Christmas, but having discovered a few last minute issues, we thought it was best to hold off until they were resolved.

Happy New-Year to you all and here's to a great 2024 (including OL64 v6 of course!).

Download: OneLoad64-Games-Collection-v5.7z

Fizz, Commodore Vic-20

Dive into a world of mind-bending challenges with FiZZ, the innovative platform puzzle game for the Commodore Vic20. Test your wits and coordination as you explore 47 single-player levels and 30 cooperative multi-player puzzles.

-Gravity-Defying Gameplay: In FiZZ, you have the power to switch gravity using gravity pods in all four directions. Outsmart laser obstacles with this unique mechanic.
-Portal-Shooting Action: Harness the laser-powered portals to navigate through intricate mazes. Strategically place portals, use mirrors, and solve complex puzzles in both single-player and cooperative modes.
-Varied Difficulty: Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or new to the genre, FiZZ offers a wide range of challenges, from brain-teasing puzzles to more accessible levels suitable for all players.
-Coop Mode: Team up with friends for an cooperative gaming experience. Coordinate your gravity-defying abilities and portal-shooting skills to conquer the cooperative levels. You can play the coop levels also as single player.
-Pay homage to the classic Vic-20 era while delivering a unique gaming experience.


Robocop AGA Work in Progress, Commodore Amiga

Way back in early October 2021, Daniel Allsopp started work on an Amiga AGA version of the classic Amiga game Robocop. The engine runs in 64 colours, utilising 64 pixel wide sprites for the background parallax on level 1, and a 4x fetch mode. Graphics were converted from the arcade originals, and reduced down with Paint and Photoshop into various banks of 16 colours. Daniel recently shared his latest update, and it's looking amazing. As this is an ongoing work in progress project, there is no download, and it will be a long time before any kind of official release. However, you can follow Daniels progress from the thread on the English Amiga Board.

Latest Updates
-Palette Optimisations
-Optimised RoboCop Sprites
-RoboCop Animations
-Reworked HUD
-Working Game Options
-Player Input
-Investigation 304
-Blacker Than Black Fixes

Classic Arcade game Turbo Outrun makes its debut on the Commodore Plus/4!

Turbo Outrun has been released on the Commodore Plus/4. Here's a few words from Csabo from Plus/4 World.

The wait is over! TCFS pulls of the impossible once again, the highly anticipated conversion the classic arcade game Turbo Outrun makes its debut on the Commodore Plus/4!

Turbo Outrun, originally developed and published by Sega in 1989, has captivated players with its fast-paced gameplay and thrilling races. For the first time, Commodore Plus/4 owners will have the opportunity rev their engines and leave the other cars on the road in the dust. Watch out for those pesky cops though! Can you drive fast enough to make sure your girlfriend Norma doesn't leave you?

It's no hyperbole that Turbo Outrun is the best racing simulator on our system: great gameplay, awesome graphics with a great sound track. All this can be yours for the price of... absolutely free! What are you waiting for, go download it now! Also check out the companion demo: Turbo Outrun Music Box.

Source: Csabo, Plus/4 World

Yeti Mountain, A New Game from Protovision for your Commodore 64!

Another skier missing on yeti mountain! It’s been happening a lot lately, but this last disappearance is different, at least to me. Chris Piriah is my friend. He was a ski instructor and in excellent physical condition. He knows his way around mountain ranges. This doesn’t sound right. I need to head on over to Yeti Lodge Resort and find out what has happened to him.

Yeti Mountain is a multi-genre interactive adventure game developed by a talented team headed by Russell Mills. Spread out across three distinct episodes as you set out to Yeti Lodge Resort to investigate the suspicious disappearance of your best friend Chris.

Follow this link for more info and to grab the download.

Spheroid, A New Puzzle Game for the Commodore Amiga

Spheroid is a puzzle game for the Commodore Amiga in which you guide a metal sphere around a maze of tiles towards the exit tile, within a time limit and set number of moves. The maze is comprised of various hazards and tile types, each having a different effect on the metal sphere. There are 50 levels to solve.


Castlevania AGA, Commodore Amiga

A remake of the 1986 original but with visuals inspired by Castlevania Chronicles and other non-8 bit titles in the series.  The  goal was to provide a playable and pure version of the original Castlevania but with an Amiga flavour. Not a port of the Sharp X68000 or PlayStation "Castlevania Chronicles" game, it only happens to use many level tiles and sprites from that game because it's a practical rendition of how OG Castlevania would look in 16-bit or 32-bit. For the Sharp X68000/Castlevania Chronicles Amiga project check this developer.

Download: CastlevaniaAGA.lha

Terryble Knight Amiga Demo using Redpill Game Engine

Terryble Knight is an Action and platform videogame where you control a Knight fighting against Zombies. It is a demo project for the Redpill Amiga game creator. The game is based on the Godot example project by Ansimuz. It uses Ansimuz gfx and contains two tracks by Fireb0y. Requirements, an AGA Amiga. Tested on an Amiga 1200 + 4MB RAM.

Download: TerrybleKnightDemo.lha
Source: aminet

Hyperborea Resurrected, Real Bullet Hell for Stock Amiga 1200

Hyperborea Resurrected is a new shoot em-up for the Amiga 1200. Currently two people are working on the game, Daniel Müßener and Torben B. Larsen (the original graphician and designer of classic Amiga 500 titles such as Hybris and Battle Squadron). Together they have been working really hard on this game. So far their work in progress video is up to version three, which you can take a look at over on their YouTube channel. There is no demo download, still early days, but you can keep up to date with further progress on the forum thread on the English Amiga Boards.

MeetBall is a multiplayer bat & ball game, although you can play solo too.
Honestly though, playing solo isn't fun. It's called MeetBall for a reason.

- 1-4 simultaneous players
- Supports joystick(s) with parallelport adapter or keyboard (see FAQ)
- Timerbased brickdrops
- In-game "shop"

Initial ball speed is affected by the number of players but can be customized.

Download here:

Delve Deeper, a heretical roguelike dungeon crawler for the Commodore 64

The world is at peace, and evil has been vanquished... Necromancers grow medicinal herbs and dark knights have opened weapon shops. But for the ones crazy or bored enough of this idylliac lifestyle, there is one place to really feel alive again: the Chasm of Evil, the last evil stronghold in the world. It's a magical labyrinth of ever-changing rooms that spawn deep underground, which promise excitement, riches... and death to the daring. Will YOU emerge victorious from its depth?

- Exciting old-school 8-bit gameplay and hires C64 graphics!
- Randomly selected rooms: no run is like the next
- Selectable depth
- 3 difficulty levels
- More than 20 different enemies
- Multiple boss monsters
- Mini quests, shops, and helpers
- Event rooms
- New Game plus features with increased difficulty
- More than 120 sprites!

Download: DelveDeeper